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A Rare Observation

By KatieHofgard
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A full illustration commission for Kardi Corgi, of her unicorn character Lloyd enjoying some time in an aquarium tunnel. The shark is a sort of mutant between a tiger shark and a sand tiger shark, and there's a few ceolacanth's in there too. Whew, this was a challenge!

21 hours in Photoshop with an Intuos 3 tablet
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darklion's avatar
it's gonna suck when he has to sneeze and hits the glass with his horn. The tiger shark'll be happy though XD
RedRavenRiot's avatar
Was just gonna say roughly the same XD
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Hope he doesn't mind getting sneak glomped XD
Toasty-Marshmallow's avatar
Hey! That's a Tardis!
wolfbedzy's avatar
how do you draw like that? XD every time i try anthro it allways ends with some por creatchor looking like it may have problems XD i want to get into horse anthro as i love horses and they look very gracefull to me so to give them human feetchers would be wonderfull. if you could give me some tips or anything like that i would love that C: your art is amazing!
kalliat's avatar

Is that the TARDIS in the distance?


Love it!

FeatherQuilt88's avatar
One of the most convincing unicorn anthros I've ever seen! :clap:
StarDragger's avatar
I like this a lot. :) The only thing more fitting would have been a narwhal instead of the shark. But still, awesome, and better than I could see myself doing anytime soon.
NamakeCat14's avatar
The lighting effect in this work is totally amazing. I also enjoy the highlights on the rocks in the aquarium.
MintyHippo000's avatar
nice depth and mirror effect
QuickSilverArtist's avatar
grypwolf-fan's avatar
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G *_**********
SyIthian's avatar
reminds me of the mall of america aquarium tunnel
EveeLover's avatar
So random but so awesome
Valkeus's avatar
This is just perfect in every way, but I especially love the back of his neck. Anthro horses' heads are kinda confusing...
Iseria2you's avatar
Aye, it's gorgeus.
aAshleyB's avatar
Last-Alexiel's avatar
It's so original! Light and shadows in the water are amazing... :D
AJHege's avatar
Lovely detail and colors
Ilssii-Koschei's avatar
Ooh, look, a tiny TARDIS...or is a rock? Looks like the TARDIS.
fredskovdotcom's avatar
Looks like the TARDIS to me :D
jeroenbrugman's avatar
The result looks totally worth it though!
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