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Fragile Butterfly (2p!ItalyxReader): Chapter 8 by Katiefrog217, literature

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Fragile Butterfly (2p!ItalyxReader): Chapter 8 by Katiefrog217, literature


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A Double-Edged Sword by Katiefrog217, visual art

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My Bio

A little about Me


I love to draw, especually anime :3
If you want to ask me questions, go ahead- I don't mind :)
I also like to message images and chat randomly to people I watch, so if I watch you then don't be surprised if I strike up a converation with you :)

I work admin for 3 pokemon pages of Facebook: Trainer N, Trainer Red, and Charmeleon and Friends. Go Check them out! My tag for 2 pages is Absol, and on the third my tag is Rayquaza.

I will do fanfiction once in a while, but I'm generaly slow at that :3 However, Once I start a fanfiction you can count on it being finished :D

I inspire to become a better artitst, so any type of feed back would be much appreciated!

Pages I admin on (my tag is Absol):
Trainer N: www.facebook.com/TheOnlyTraine…
Trainer Red: www.facebook.com/TheOnlyTraine…

Pages I am Rayquaza for:
Charmeleon and Friends: www.facebook.com/pages/Charmel…


My twin!: >>>>>>:iconwhystopdreaming:<<<<<<<<<<<<<


I Support these Pokemon Ships so far [this is always updating as i find new ships XD] (I support some weird ones/ some less unknown ones; bold ones mean I have storys for them, and italics mean I have art for them):

Ferriswheelshipping ( N x Touko/White)
Twinleafshipping (Dawn x Barry)
SoulSilverShipping (Silver x Lyra/Kotone)
Folkloreshipping (Morty x Lyra/Kotone)
Wishfulshipping (Cilan x Iris)
Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
Ironwillshipping (Riley x Dawn)
Dreamyhairshipping (Colress x Fennel)
Dualrivalshipping (Cheren x Bianca)
Hoennchampionshipping (Champion Steven x May)
Grantedshipping (Lance x Yellow)
BrevityShipping (Lucian x Dawn)
Ikarishipping (Dawn x Paul)
Akatsukishipping (Cyrus x Dawn)
Cookieshipping (Harley x May)
PandoraShipping (Saturn x Dawn)
Moonringshipping (Colress x Rosa)
LiveCasterShipping (Curtis x Rosa)
SequelShipping (Hugh x Rosa)
FortuneShipping (Lucas x Dawn)
EmeraldChampionShipping (Wallace x May)
BohemianShipping (Nando x May)
HarpShipping (Nando x Lyra)
LyreShipping (Nando x Dawn)
SinnohLegendShipping (Nando x Cynthia)
VerdantRoseradeShipping (Nando x Gardenia)
DoubleTrainingShipping (Nando x Zoey)


My Favorite Animes

I have a lot, so this is only a small amount of them~
If they are underlined, they are Sub only (meaning they have no English adaptation), and bold ones I am a huge fan of. :)

-Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)
-Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan
-Ranma 1/2
-Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Black Blood Brothers
-Fullmetal Alchamist
-Fruits Basket
-Trinity Blood
-Samurai Deeper Kyo
-Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
-Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)
-Kaze no Stigma (Stigma of the Wind)
-Fairy Tail
-Chrono Crusade
-Black Cat
-Inu Boku S.S
-Legend of the Legendary Heros
-Sonic X (< Does this count?)
-Black Butler
-Elemental Gelade
-Sands Of Destruction
-No. 6
-No Game, No Life
-Log Horizon
-Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro
-The World that God Only Knows

SOME of My Favorite Voice actors:

-Dan Green
Yugi Moto, Demon-Eyes Kyo

-J. Michael Tatum
Sebastion, France, Kyoya Otori

-Vic Myonaga
Tamaki, Edward Ulruch, Zero

-Todd Haberkorn
Natsu, N.Italy, Allen Walker, Kyrie Ilnis, Death the Kid, Hikaru

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Favourite Movies
P.S I Love You, Pokemon, Howl's Moving Castle
Favourite TV Shows
Anime, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Who's Line is it Anyway?, Pushing Up Daisies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Shanya Twain
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, Eragon, Maximum Ride
Favourite Writers
James Paterson, J.K Rowling
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kingdom Hearts
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pen and pencil, Computer
Other Interests
The main design for Eclipse is whatever but I want to set fire to the notification center, it's horrendous and makes me want to die
What the actual fuck is the new DA layout I literally had to turn back to the old version because I didn't know how to make a status update on the new layout
Okay update: Apparently the death of my cat wasn't intentional but the neighbors who witnessed her demise also didn't find it important to tell us either

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Omg you like lots of the animes I love 😱😂. Your art is gorgeous and I love reading your fanfics. Especially after work when my night owl-ness won't let me sleep. Can't wait for Fragile Butterfly to be finished 😁

Maybe something good... DAT B-DAY! COMING AT YOU LIKE Atatata! Avatar ......................................derpy stimp 
Happy (Late) Birthday! ᵔ.ᵔ


[I was gone for the week]
Happy Birthday! White Cream Cake with candles 50x50 icon 
Thanks so much! :D