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Hi everyone,

I'd be really grateful if you could follow on Twitter, please! I'll be updating it with art (old and new) and news about shows.

Thanks :)
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These babies have arrived (front and back). A whole lot of them. It had seemed such a good idea at the time...and I'm not sure what to do with them now. Hmm.

Pictures by katiedraws
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Two quick things. Here is a link to my Facebook page if you'd be so kind as to look at it/like it:

And here is a link to the online version of the magazine I was most recently in:…

Lots of thanks,

Katie OUT!
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Thrilled that I've been given a place at the art centre exhibition and that this… has made a full page in a magazine down here.
Glossy printed pages and my work on a wall? It has made a Lemsip-fuelled girlie happy.
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Hello everybody!

I'm trying to get into this a bit more, and my clever friend has just made me this website to start me off. I'd be thrilled if you'd have a little look/share this page:…

(Please be kind, I'm just getting used to this being forward malarkey!)

Thank you all! xxx
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"Autumn died in technicolor all around us. Bright yellows and red afire, burnished oranges and rusty greens painted the leaves that floated from the branches, collected in the grass. That vibrant odor of dying things, so particular to fall, creased the blades of air that cut through our clothing and made us tense our muscles and widen our eyes. Nowhere does death occur so spectacularly, so proudly, as it does in New England in October."
- p151; Gone, Baby, Gone; Dennis Lehane