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Violet Eyes

Just a quick portrait done for fun a little while ago... yay elves!
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She is beautiful! Well done 👍
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She is amazing. You must try others from her.
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They look closer to magenta, violet is more blue than pink.

Though that does not take away from the beauty of this art.
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Very striking. I love the eyes obviously and the ears but what makes it all fit are the freckles. If i was ever traped in a world where there where elves and other fantastic creatures. She is one i would want to guide me.
AlineMendes's avatar
so beautiful! no words to describe how much I like it, congrats. =)
kristen-sali's avatar
I love the softness of her eye lashes, it makes her eyes the focus. I hope I learn to draw digitally like you. This is amazing. 

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I absolutely love this.  Great work!  :D 
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I was kind of thinking... I really like this and could I use it for an RP character? I will, of course, credit the artist and add the source.
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What a beautiful looking girl~ Every feature is perfect!!~ Especially her eyes :heart: Lovely~
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Her look is mesmerizing.
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Just love this....immediate fav
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one of the prettiest elves I have ever seen. You inspire me to do better and grab opportunity by the horns. Praise to you.
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wow, she's pretty...
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So beautiful! I loved it!
Added to my favs.
IcingSugarPoison's avatar
love this so much!
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so so so much beauty. <3
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Very lovely. I think you pretty much captured my vision of elves in general. Thanks for putting it up!
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I once tried to do a story about snakes with the title "Violet Eyes" ultimately ended up being scrapped, but it still has a special place in my heart...and was absolutely nuts.
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