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By katiedesousa
A commission (and fun style exploration) for a very patient and kind client :D

Sorry, not much to say really, sketched and painted in photoshop (though I used painter for the line-work).

Thanks for looking :heart:
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I really like the dress *^* 
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A great piece. I dig the spell effects over her palms.

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Might i use this for a roleplay site? i'll give you full credit. :)
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This is awesome!
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love the way you did the ears. Beautiful picture :)
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Her dress is fantastic!
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Love the colors and the outfit, overall beautiful job. :D
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whow this is amazing
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beautiful !!
This is a late comment (better later than never, right?). This. Elf. Maiden. RULES :love:!!!

Which got my attention: first, her beautiful, curvy and well-nourished body :D. Elves are often portrayed as slender, sometimes even skinny. But your elves have some meat on their bones :w00t:.

Second, her sexy outfit... it's rather daring for an elf, but nowhere near becoming vulgar. I'd say it is even classy :).

Third, and most important... the magical effect on her hands... ingenious!!! Guess never saw that even in games like "Dragon Age: Origins".

If I had to make criticism, there would be only one (and I really HATE to do that ^^;): the thick outline... like you pasted it on the background... but it's the only thing and it doesn't spoil your work in any way :).

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love the color! fantastic
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I like this style, it's still semi-realistic while having a cartoonish feel
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Stunning as always... I'm blown away!
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wow, that's nice!
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nicely done. i like it
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Her eyes :heart:! Love your stuff! So pretty! :O
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Beautiful lighting!
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Beautiful girl and good magical effect!! ^^
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