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Just a doodle done last night, tried using a poser 8 model for reference. Man it took like two whole days just to figure out how that program works, though honestly I still don't really know wtf I'm doing in it...

photoshop CS3
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qwerty1198's avatar
I like the veins. Many people never bother drawing them.
Lynja's avatar
Her skin looks abselutley amazing...
DrKrieg's avatar
great hands, nice refelection.
Sanctuary86's avatar
This is just.. amazing.
You did a great job.
She looks very soft and feminine, but her gaze looks somewhat proud and with a sense of clarity.
Beautiful work.
Septete's avatar
Very nice, love the detail you put in this!
DustinEchos104's avatar
i like it a lot, i find it amusing that with very little work you could probably turn her into an elf model
christoefour's avatar
This is really beautifully done.
bolsterstone's avatar
So, is it worth investing in Poser 8? (I have an old copy of Poser for Artists.)
The reflective surface is a great touch - could have just been a plain old floor, but it's not!
DreamKnightCMC's avatar
Face reminds me of someone on TV but I can't think who >_<;;
mystiqueeyes's avatar
Doodle?? Wow. Ur so amazing. Admire u. :)
SebastienKM's avatar
No one likes CS3. JUMP STRAIGHT TO CS4!! :D

I really like her knees and shoulder/collarbone area. D: She's very lovely.
ayuICHI's avatar
Oooh so lovely <3
sanctuary-meadow's avatar
Quite brilliant anatomy.
I love the reflection too.!
A very lovely pose on the woman figure.
gdpr-10456262's avatar
This is really excellent. WOW!
WingedDivinity's avatar
it's rare for you to be drawing nudes.well this came out pretty good :) it's beautiful
Guitta's avatar
SHE GOT VEINS! *-* :new:
ZuluSplitter's avatar
that's so great.... awsome work
falk2021's avatar
wow i like it, looks very vividly.
Davynski's avatar
She looks amazing :)
WickedPrince's avatar
I've been playing with DAZ studio for seven years about and STILL don't really know what I'm doing, good luck on learning Poser in 2 days. :D
maartenvc's avatar
Yeah, I also used Poser a lot for reference, you can just have the model pose however you want, and look from any angle. Really helpful.
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