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Ceramic and Glass

quick still life I did today to practice shiny ceramic surfaces :)
Photoshop CS3 as always~
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I greatly appreciate still life that incorporates heavy reflections and refractions! good job. I frequently try to do things like this.
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this is not a photo?
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whoaw thought it was photo :iconohmygodplz:
RolandBoyce's avatar
That is excellent an piece ! 
Pertaret's avatar
holy. . . i really thought it was a photography O.o
don22754's avatar
cool , without capitalc
VioletteOwl's avatar
Holy Shit! For a second I thought it was a photograph! Jawdrop 
xPoppi's avatar
When I take some closer looks, I can see that it's painted ut HOLY ARTIST you're good! :3
SAUMIGUEL's avatar
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i thought it was a Picture at first Glance,
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Metalman232's avatar
Nope. I don't believe it. This has to be a photo. The teapot in my kitchen doesn't even look that real.
FrozenFeather's avatar
i literally thought this was a photo but when you REALLY look you can tell lol
shahriaremil's avatar
Gosh.... You're so amazing at this. Making me jealous and inspired at the same time.
emeraldjester's avatar
Amazing! I mistook it for a photo at first!
toribearable's avatar
I totally thought this was a picture ._. no joke, I had to scroll back up when I read the description. good work <3
sebastien-baillou's avatar
awesone *_* great work how time for this?
ProjectRed54's avatar
I actually thought this was a photograph of something you owned :D Then I read the category and saw your artist comment XD Well done!
PurpleMoonFang's avatar
dude, i thought this was a legit pic, and then im like, wait a sec, THAT AN F-ING PAINTING!!! nice job hon
Wait.... thats not real.... OMG
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