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Stolen into the Night (art by Alucard's Spirit)

Agent Katie has caught the attention of Glob the Space Toad.  And as many of you know, if he wants you, he’ll get you at some point!

My friend AlucardsSpirit and I brainstormed some ideas for our respective characters and came up with a fun little art and prose collaboration...what do you think?  Think we should expand the idea some more??  Good!  Because this is part 2, part 1 is here: Out for a Moonlit Stroll (art by Alucard's Spirit

See his post here:  Stolen into the Night


Several hours later, Glob was stealing away in the moonlight with his delectable captive.  He’d spent a few hours with her inside the cabin, alternately charming and seducing the lovely agent into compliance, and then chasing and nabbing her when she became feisty again. 

Finally, he determined it was time to return to his ship with his prize. He took his time intricately binding his wriggling prey, and then gratuitously fondling her curves whenever she became too quiet and still.  He preferred the wriggling. 

As much as he enjoyed her little squeals and moans, he thought it best to gag her for the short walk to his landing site. Then it was off into the moonlight with her, slung over his shoulder and squirming delightfully. 


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Not every frog is actually a prince! :lol:

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This one seems more of a scoundrel.
MetalBeowulf89's avatar

No kiss for him, then!

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Nice angle! :)

Fun story, too!
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Thank you, my friend!

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