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Homework: Draco Malfoy x Reader- Oneshot
AN: I don't exactly know if I'm going to put a mature content filter... But, to warn you, it has sexual themes.. not too much though.. Okay, I'll shut up now.
Pansy and Blaise were talking when they heard something coming from Draco's dormitory.
They went nearer and froze when they heard it more clearly.
"There! That feels so good Draco!" You exclaim.
"I know because I'm the one doing it." Draco grunted.
"A little harder there."
"As you wish, ______."
"Merlin's beard." Pansy said as her face paled.
"Bloody lovebirds," Blaise muttered. "C'mon, we'll just grill them for having sex later." He pulled Pansy's hand and walked away.
Meanwhile, you two weren't exactly having sex.
Then what the hell were you two doing?
Well, Draco was just giving you a massage.
And you two laughed when you heard what Blaise and Pansy were saying.
He finished massaging you, giving him a kiss as a thank you.
"Why don't we have sex? Instead of just faking it?" You questioned.
"First off
:iconmedusa121:medusa121 91 6
Mittens, Draco x Reader
(f/n)=your name
(f/c)=favorite color
*Mild swearing and slight violence, don't like, don't read!*
~~~~~Third person P.O.V~~~~~
As you burst in to the warm Café, you sigh in releif at the pause from the bone numbing cold.  You head towards the counter where a friendly face greets yours.  
"Nice to see you again (y/n)," she says with a smile.
"Nice to see you too, Lana," You reply to the blue haired girl.
"The usual, I presume?" She asks, while setting the mug she had been drying down on the counter.
"Yes please," you respond, smiling at her as she walks away to make your order.
While your friend was getting your drink, you take the time to settle in to the familliar atmosphere.  Snuggling deeper into your stool (if thats even posible), you look around to see many other of the frequent costomers here on this chilly day.
"Order up!" your friend returns with your drink and a little something extra too.  She sets down your steaming hot chocolat and a small doughnut
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What is your full name?
   "I'm Karlyn Delaro."


What’s your Blood color? (Land or seadweller?)
"My blood color is Cerulean, and I'm a Landdweller."

What is your Trolltag and typing quirk?
"My Trolltag is convivialArtist. And my typing quirk? I double My I's, Capitalize the first letter of every other word, and I like to use a lot of irony and puns."
EX: "Iit's niice To meet You! You're really Tall, though, II wasn't Expectiing you To be So tall! Guess II really Have to Look up To You now, Riight? Get iit? Because you're Tall?"

How’s your vocabulary? Any particular phrase you like to use?
"My vocab is okay I guess. I like to use a long list of popular phrases  and movie quotes, but I won't waste your time naming all of them."

How old are you? When’s your Wriggling day?? (Link to an Alternian calendar in the description)
"I was born on <AHEM> The 10th Bilunar Perigee of the 5th Dark Season's Equinox. Oh, and I'm about 6 Sweeps old.

Describe what your sign looks like.
"My symbol resembles a heart with two arrows coming out of the lower section diagonally." {…}<--- Lovers

Write a full physical description of yourself.
"Okay... here goes nothin'... I'm about 5"5, a little on the chubbier side and endomorphic. I'm a C-to-C-cup, I wear a shoe size of about 6, and I wear medium-to-large clothes. My hair goes a little past my shoulders, maybe to my upper back, and my eyes are still dark gray, but a cerulean tint is starting to show. I have lighter skin compared to a lot of trolls, but it's not nessicarily white, just lighter gray, and I have freckles on my cheeks, nose, and shoulders. I like wearing loose dresses in shades of black and white, but I'm also fond of sweaters, T-shirts and tank tops with skirts or looser-looking shorts. For shoes I prefer flats or converse. Speaking of clothes, I absolutely despise anything too tight or too revealing, and I will avoid high heels at literally all costs. I need to wear glasses but I don't most of the time. Luckily my vision isn't too bad so I'm not nessicarily blind... I started rambling, didn't I? Sorry..."

Any cool powers?
"I don't really have anything special about me. I have maybe a third of the strength a Highblood should have, and being a Blueblood I don't have any psychic abilities like Lowbloods do..."

Right or left handed?

Strife specibus? (Optional- briefly describe how your fetch modus works)
"My specibus is pistolkind. I have pistols. And my modus is Melody-oriented. I sing in Latin, and my voice only is recognized."

What is something you like to keep in an accessible place in your sylladex?
"One thing? A First-aid kit, in case someone gets hurt."

Describe your lusus.
"Dogmom is probably the best friend I've ever had. She's sweet and loyal, and I know she'd probably give up her life to defend me. She loves being scratched behind the ears, and playing fetch, and I don't think I've ever seen her hurt anyone, although she's attempted to attack some of my friends before. I feel like I'm a burden sometimes for her, knowing that I've made her sit through all the drama bullshit in my life."

Do you get along well with your lusus? Are they difficult to feed?
"I love my lusus with all my heart. She'd die for me and I'd probably do the same for her. She's not very hard to feed, since she normally hunts for herself."

Give a brief description of your hive.
"My hive is nicely-sized and roomy; great for sleepovers! I made it out of an abandoned ship located on a beach, a good ten to fifteen feet away from the water. I often wonder how it ended up there. It has a homey feel though, mostly due to the chirpbeasts and hootbeasts that fly in and out of it, along with my lusus of course, and the welcoming, comfy furniture that decorates the interior. I keep it quite clean, though a few rooms seem to mess themselves up..."

What are three random interests you have?
"On Alternia, I'm often viewed by the public as a Lowblood rights activist, but that's not really a huge part of who I am. I love singing, although nobody knows 'cause I'm too shy to sing in front of people. I love to bake, though, and according to my friends I can make really good Butterscotch pie!"

How do you handle stress?
"I either let off some steam by drawing- one of my favorite things to do- or I relax by.... er... (nervous laugh)... punching things..."

Do you have a mutation or weakness of any kind that could get you culled? If so, How are you still alive?
"No, as far as I'm concerned, I don't have any mutations..."

What do you know about your ancestor? Do you even believe In that story?
"From what I know, my ancestor- The Redeemer- was the only Adult Highblood with "The" at the beginning of her title. She was a troll who saw the good in everybody, and often tried to 'redeem' trolls in the eyes of The Condesce. She sounded like she was great, and I'd love to believe that story, but alas, all of this was told to me by none other than my ex-Kismesis... so I don't really know whether to believe that story or not..."


Are you a leader or a follower?
"My friends all say that I'm a natural leader. But usually my insecurities get in the way of my ambitions. I'll say leader, though, bacause I want to live up to my full potential."

Are you more introverted or extroverted?
"Introverted. I have a hard time socializing, unless it's with a small group of people that I'm well familiar with."

Do you tend to argue or avoid conflict?
"I'm kind of double-sided on this one. I want to avoid conflict most of the time, and most of the time I'm able to. Sometimes though, my Higher-blooded tendencies erupt and I start a fight or an argument."

Are you a listener or a talker?
"I'm more of a listener, or I try to be. I tend to ramble and rant a lot though, but I'm trying to top doing that so much."

How long is your attention span?
"It depends on if I like it or not. If you're talking about, say, Harry Potter, I could listen for three days straight. But if the subject is math, or sports, I'll probably be more interested in the flutterbeast five feet away."

Do you laugh a lot? What’s funny to you?
"I tend to laugh a lot, mostly because I'm typically a very optimistic and happy person. A lot of things are funny to me, but I mostly enjoy puns and pranks. I also like reactions to things. I dunno why though. I mean, I find a variety of things funny, I can't name 'em all!"

Are you more Athletic, Artistic, or Intellectual?
"Artistic. Definitely artistic."

What would you do if someone attacked you for no reason?
"Fight back! I'm not gonna let myself get beat up!"

Any Fears?
"Everyone has at least one fear. I myself have a good handful. Needles, spiders, the dark, betrayal, not being good enough, and loud noises are just a few of mine. I'm honestly a very skittish and jumpy person, and just about anything can scare me if it's just right."

What would happen if your greatest fear manifested itself?
"I'd probably cry. I know, I'd probably cry at the drop of a hat sometimes, but if my greatest fear manifested itself, I'd probably have no other reaction but to scream and cry like a child."

Do you make decisions based on Emotions or logic?
"I like to weigh the pros and cons of everything, and I try to think before I act. But sometimes my emotions make decisions for me."

Game only questions

(Only answer these if you are in a Sburb/Sgrub/Whatever game session- or if you just want to. If not, skip these.)

At first, did you want to play? Who convinced you to join?
"I didn't really want to play at first. My best friend Donhep convinced me to give it a shot after literally a third of a sweep."

Derse or prospit? When did you wake up on your moon?
"Prospit.Me and my Moirail fell asleep one night, not long after entering the game. Turns out our towers are right next to each other!"

How many others are in the session with you?
"Thirteen, maybe? Fourteen? Me and my friends, at the very least. I don't know who all is in the session..."

Did you prototype anything weird as your sprite?
"No, it was just me. With some hopbeast(rabbit)-like features...
oh wait you said PROTOTYPE! No, only my lusus!"

Name, then briefly describe your Land. How did you feel when you first arrived?
"Land of Roses and Sand (LORAS). I felt calm, and at ease when I first arrived because heck, it's so calm and peaceful, and there are chamelions EVERYWHERE!!!"

What was your quest?
"My what?"

What are your consorts like?
"They're little chamelions!"

What Is your Classpect? Active or passive?
"I'm a Sylph of Heart. I think I'm passive..."

Did you die? If so, how? Were you revived? Did you go God Tier? (If you died more than once, answer for all deaths)
"I didn't die."

Who Is your Server player? Client player?
"My Server AND Client player is my friend, Damina Ferges."

Denizen? Did you ever face them? How did that go?
"My Denizen is Metatron. I haven't faced them yet, but I've seen them thanks to my consorts. They're... uh... somewhat rectangular..."


What is your earliest memory?
"Waking up to Dogmom, right in my face."

What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
"Uh, probably being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. It explained to me why I was so hot all the time..."

Who has had the most influence on you?
"Either my lusus or my Moirail."

What is your greatest regret?
"Ah, this. It was a little while back, when I was going through emotional abuse from my ex-Kismesis. And I started... I started cutting myself. I still have some scars on my arms, and it pains me to know that I dragged my loved ones into Hell with me..."

Have you killed somebody? How do you feel about it? Have you killed more than one person? Then whose death impacted you the most?
"I've killed a few people. It was a young Olive-blood, and then a Mustard-blood... and then a Teal-blood. They'd done nothing to me... but my lusus had a hurt paw and I had to feed her. I still feel bad... but the past is what it is, right?"

Has someone close to you died? How? if they were killed, do you want revenge?
"Several of my Lower-blooded friends have been culled by subjugglators. I want some sort of revenge, yes, but it doesn't nessicarily consume me or take over my life. Besides, I'm lower than the Purple-bloods. I can't stand up to them, I'll be dead in three seconds!"

Embarrassing story- Go!
"... Isn't this a sudden change of mood... okay, here it goes. So one time, a few of my friends were over at my place. We were playing a game called 'Never Have I Ever.' And eventually I got drunk. Like, really drunk. So I walked outside and started making out with this random troll. We began streaking and almost began to pail, but then I passed out and my friend had to carry me back in. Well, the place was crowded and videos of this incident were all over the internet..."

Have you ever almost died or otherwise had a bad major injury? What happened?
"Once I almost died. I got into a fight with a seadweller and he harpooned my leg. I had to be hospitalized and I'm lucky I'm still able to walk."

If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why?
"Uh... I don't know if I would want to change anything. Wait, I take that back. I want to prevent myself from cutting my arms, because I know the consequences now."

Has anyone ever betrayed you or stabbed you in the back? Do you forgive them?
"Ohhhhh, yes. My old Kismesis stabbed me in the back a long time ago, both figuratively and literally. They trusted me with something, then maybe an hour later they turned around and accused me of spying. Then one time they literally took a knife and stabbed me in the back. They just barely missed any vital organs, and if Donhep hadn't been there I'd probably be dead by now."

Have you betrayed somebody? Why? Do you regret it?
"Yeah, I hate to admit it, but it's happened. My old friend, Dinola... I apparently called her a Bulgeface once. IBut where that memory should be is just a black, empty viod of nothingness. I regret it deeply, and I'm still trying to repair my relationship with her."

Tell the story of a scar you have.
"I've told three stories about the Harpoon scar, the Cutting scars, and about the Backstabbing scar. There's only one left, above my right elbow, when I scratched it on the sharp metal edge of a shelf in my closet..."


In general, how do you treat others (politely, rudely, by keeping them at a distance, etc.)? Does this change if you know them well?
"I tend to treat everyone equally, and I try to be nice to everyone. Things change when I know them though. I'm a loyal, bubbly and talkative person around my friends, and to my enemies I'm probably a nerd or a blood-traitor or some shit."

What do you look for in a potential matesprit?
"Kindness, loyalty, trust, preferrably someone with a sense of humour, confident, comitted..."

Any current relationships?

"I have a flushcrush on my friend Donhep, but he doesn't really know and right now this quadrant is empty."

"Poraki Oynham. She's amazing."

"I used to have a Kismesis, but we split up for obvious reasons."

Auspistice? (What leaf?)
"This quadrant is empty."

What are some past relationships that didn’t quite work out?
"One word: ex-Kismesis. Her name was Hartla and she was a total bitch."

If you have a morial, do you usually find yourself calming down your parter or is it the other way around?
"She's usually calming me down."

First kiss?
"I haven't had it yet... unless you consider that drunk make-out session..."

Is there anyone you (platonically) Despise?
"Oh, loads of people! Mostly those smug fin-faced jerks who think that they're sooo uch better than everyone else."

Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help?
"Donhep. He's my best friend and I couldn't trust any troll more. Or maybe Dogmom..."

Let’s be honest. Any crushes? Do you plan to do anything about them?
"I have a huge flushcrush on Donhep like I've said a hundred times over, but I don't know if he likes me back and I don't really know how to escape the Friendzone..."

You find yourself in a fight. Who do you most want to have your back?
"Donhep and Dogmom."

Who do you talk to when you want to rant about something?
"Dogmom. She's always there to listen."

If you died or went missing, who do you think would miss you?
"Dogmom, Donhep and Poraki."

Would you rather be in a big group or small one?
"Small. It's easier to socialize and you don't get a migrane after half a minute."

How long does it usually take for you to trust others?
"It honestly depends. If they seem nice I'll open up right away. Otherwise it might take me an entire Sweep."

Do you care what others think of you? Really think about it. Do you?
"Yes… some more so than others. I can be really sensitive to what others think of me, even if I try not to be."

Do you hold grudges?

Opinions and Interests

How do you feel about where you stand on the Hemospectrum?
"I appreciate the fact that I'm higher up. I don't have to worry about getting culled, or living in poverty."

What are your opinions on the Hemospectrum as a class system in general?
"It sucks. I have a lot of friends lower on the spectrum than myself who are just scraping by. I hope that one day things are different, but one can only hope..."

When you look at someone, how much does their blood color have to do with your opinion of them?
"Not much. Only if one is higher than blue on the spectrum do I pay them respect, because that high up, one could easily cull my ass. Lower-blooded trolls are just as good in my eyes as Higher-blooded trolls."

Do you like to read? If so, what genre?
"I love reading, even if I don't do it that often. I enjoy fantasy novels."

What about Tv/Movies? What genre do you like?
"I like it all! Comedy, romance, horror, you name it! I've got a huge bookshelf stocked full of alphabetized Disney movies, horror films, sitcoms, Animes..."

Do you believe in magic?

What is your greatest fear?
"Not being good enough in the eyes of society."

How religious are you?
"It's questionable that I'm religious at all, to be honest. I'm going through a questioning phase about what I believe in."

What is your most cherished fantasy?
"That Alternia isn't so violent, and that all blood castes are treated fairly. Although that probably won't happen, it's a pleasant thought..."

Do you believe in soulmates/true love?
"If you're talking about the whole love at first sight shenanigan, than no. True love exists, but it takes time. At the very least you have to know the person. Otherwise, you're merely in love with a thought."

What would you die (or otherwise go to extremes) for?
"Anything that I strongly believe in. I'd also take my own life if it meant saving thousands of others. After all, I'm worth a hundred Rust-bloods."

What do you believe makes a successful life?
"As long as you die happy and satisfied with your work, you've lived a successful life."

What is your biggest secret? Have you told anyone about this? If so, who?
"My biggest secret is probably that I'm incredibly mentally unstable- I have depression, anxiety, mild autism, trust issues, anger issues... in all honesties I just wear a smile everyday to hide all of that. Plus I have to constantly fight back my trollishly violent thoughts and urges. My friend Donhep and my Moirail both know, and they solemnly swore not to tell anybody. Dogmom also knows, since she's kind of my lusus."

Would you rather talk to someone over trollian or face to face?
"Face to face. It's hard to express emotions through a simple line of words on a screen."

Do you know how to dance?
"Kind of. I'm not very good at it..."

Pet peeves?
"Having to pick up after people, people messing with my things when I don't allow it, unhygenic people, when a person erases a dry-erase board but lazily leaves a mark or two, bad grammar. Should I list anything else? That's all I can think of."

What type of Music do you like?
"I like almost any type of music!"

"I am  quite fond of singing, drawing, baking and playing the piano. I also enjoy reading, swimming and playing volleyball, although I don't do them often."

What is your most treasured possession? Why?
"A locket that my Moirail gave me. I don't know why; it just has a weird sentimental feel to it..."

A day in the life...

You’ve got nothing to do. Who do you talk to?
"Donhep. He's always entertaining."

The sun is already high in the sky and you're still awake. What do you do to entertain yourself?
"Watch some videos on TrollTube."

Are you more organized or messy?

Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted?
"My routine varies from day to day. Normally though, I get up, get dressed, take care of my hygene in the bathroom, go to the kitchen and eat breakfast, let Dogmom out to hunt, kick back and watch TV since it's usually early when I wake up, and around nine or ten I go out and enjoy my life. I typically don't care when my scedule is disrupted, though I usually like at least a vague outline of what my day will me like."

Would you leap at the call to adventure, or would you have to be dragged along?
"I love adventure. I'd have to be in horrid condition to just lounge around at home instead of exploring an abandoned courthouse or walking through a dark forest."

It’s raining and the power is out. How do you spend the day?
"I'd entertain myself by inviting some friends over, and we can all play games and such."

Favorite food?
"Mac N' Cheese, grilled cheese... y'know... cheese."

Do you FLARP? If you do, what name do you go by? Describe your costume. Do you have a partner? Who?
"I don't FLARP. I think it's too risky."

All of a sudden your hive is on fire. What are the first five objects you save?
"Dogmom, photo album, laptop, barkbeast plushie, and locket. Of course I hardly ever take the locket off, so... if not the locket, then probably my favorite outfit. I'd cram some other stuff into my sylladex."


What do you want to be when you grow up? (If you’re older, What’s your occupation?)
"I never really thought about that. I'd really like to work as some sort of artist or singer, but since that probably won't happen, I'd love to be a vet! Y'know, for animals and lusii and such."

Where do you see yourself in three sweeps? Ten? Thirty? A Hundred?
"I dunno. Off-planet, probably, fighting the Condesce's wars."

Be honest. How long would you survive? (Assuming you grew up to adulthood and the game didn’t mess everything up if you played.)
"Hopefully to my full lifespan or over half of it."

What would you like to be remembered for after your death?
"I'd like to be remembered for my better side. I don't care if my existence is very significant or not, but I'd like to leave a mark on Alternia."

If you could choose, how would you want to die? How do you think you will actually die?
"In my sleep, of old age; painlessly."

What Is your biggest goal in life?
"Most of my goals are stated above, so I'm not really going to put all that much effort into this one."


What is your greatest strength?
"Hmm... I dunno... probably my intelligence?"

Greatest weakness?
"Despite being a Blueblood, I'm honestly quite physically weak. The heaviest I've carried is about 150 lbs."

What three words you would you use to best describe your personality?
"Cheerful, loving, and logical, probably."

What three words would others use?
"Smart, bubbly, a natural leader."

Name a few things you consider yourself to be good at. What about bad at?
"I consider myself rather good at singing- making music in general, really- and drawing. I'm horrible at dancing, and most sports."

Do you think your attractive?
"Maybe? I don't really focus on my appearance all that much."

Name two things you like about yourself. Two things you don’t?
"I like my optimism, and the color of my blood, since blue is one of my favorite colors. I don't like the fact that I'm on the chubbier side and my mild shortness (about 5"5 but technically 5"4.6), and my shyness."

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
"I'd change nothing. I like the way I am!"


What emoticon describes you best?

Whoever is walking ahead of you drops a wallet with (whatever the troll equivalent of) 120 dollars in it. What do you do?
"I return it... after taking a little bit of the money..."

What would you blog about on Bubblr?
"Fandom trash and fanart."

What is currently in your trash can?
"Need I really answer that?"

Would you rather be a little too hot or a little too cold?
"Too cold. I can't stand too much heat!"

If there is a random fact I didn't get to in this questionare you want to say about yourself, do it here!
` "I watch anime to the extent that I can speak Japanese almost fluently. I have terrible handwriting. I have a weird addiction to chocolate. I can't run very fast. I have impulsive and stubborn tendencies. One time I made a mode of transportation out of an old tire, a baseball bat, an ironing board, human "Gorilla Glue", and a smartphone. I like waffles. That's all BYEEEEEEE!"

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I'm a huge supporter of PETA, especially in the rights of pit bulls and the issues with fishing.


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