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The Book About The Letter A


Where to put this... where to put this >_<
DA could really use a gallery dedicated to altered books. Heh heh..

anyways... now that I have my own scanner I FINALLY got around to putting together some sort of display for this.
I'm sure most of you have forgotten about this by now >_>

So, above are some nice photos of the book in it's whole.. along with some pictures of the book inside the book.
The mini book holds lyrics from a song by a band called Thursday, I've always scribbled the Book About The Letter A on all the covers of my old sketchbooks..
so naturally that's what I named this book >_<

the lyrics: [link]

a little snipet:
"Somewhere a man stands, walks across the room, and breaks his nose against the door
And somewhere these people are keeping records
And writing a book
For now we can call it "The Book About the Basic Flaw
Or "The Book About the Letter A"
Or "Any Title That a Book About a Man That No One Cares About Might Have"


Along the bottom there is artwork from me and from everyone else who submitted some to me.

Starting from the three pieces on the right side..
:iconmonkeydan1: :iconivrim: :iconfresh4u:

from the bottom top row to the left..
:iconfeartehkitty: :iconfrankly-warped: :iconplayxdead: :iconsimanion: :iconsaltyshadow: :iconaudience-of-one:

Now... the bottom row starting from the left..

I have lost record of who did the first one in this row!!! So if you did it let me know!!! ^^;
anywho... continuing on....
:icon777femmefatale777: :iconkizioko: :iconmanage-my-chaos: collab, then, the final piece was done by me(the one of the tomb stone).

This is only a fraction of all the art in this thing!
I will be posting some of my favorite pages separately :P

thank you for your patience. I should have had this done long ago.

OTHER pages from this book!
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Love this, comfort for an artist is his books 💕
BokuNoOrugoru's avatar
I envy this O.O This is really great. I commend you on your work ^^
Tanglenose98's avatar
This is really awesome...
fortune-monster's avatar
THIS is really inspiring me! Oh my godness, it's just let me speechless p_p I love really really your work and it was a random that I found you! Gosh, I could watch your gallery the whole day. The way how you draw and how you use the colours is only awesome! Btw, sorry for my english :x
Yo-lay's avatar
This book will be legendary in the future. AWESOME WORK!!
Orangeyyy's avatar
omg its so amazing! i really like the front cover and the picture with the guy on the ground and theres a black ghost behind him? anyway they are are all really good! :D
ClearSky225's avatar
freakyfettish809's avatar
this is beyond one of the coolest idea i've ever seen....I might just borrow it, but give entire credit to you! Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
sekirara's avatar
looks great, i wish DA did have a section purely for books~
lyraleperformer's avatar
I have to do one of these for a summer assignment for art and this is really gorgeous. Well anyway, since i've never done one before could you possibly tell me how they're made or maybe give me some pointers? it would really help :)
KatieAnnOwens's avatar
this was made with an old book from the thriftstore, I just altered the pages ;}
best of luck with your book!
lyraleperformer's avatar
so like paint/draw/cut up the pages? on them?
when i first read the assignment i was like :O we have to paint IN a book!
KatieAnnOwens's avatar
exactly, I also developed photos and stuck them in there. ;D
puppetmaster2122's avatar
What did you use for the drawings? As in pencil, colored pencil, pastels?
KatieAnnOwens's avatar
I used just about every media you could think of, ;]
puppetmaster2122's avatar
oh, ok :] thank you
Shortene's avatar
this is awesome!!!
Jordan123987's avatar
I really like this
ur art is very cool

i have a question
i am doing my second for art class and i would like to know if u did every page or did u glue some together?
KatieAnnOwens's avatar
Jordan123987's avatar
oh wow thanx
thats awsome
how did you get all of the pictures on one file? lol ive tried in in photoshop but i dont get it ;_;
By far the most beautiful book my sore eyes have laid upon.
Some day, I wish for my hands to caress the pages.
Tang526's avatar
So sick... i'm still working on mine :/
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