Halloween Contest with BH Cosmetics!

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Halloween Contest!

So with Halloween coming up, I'm in need of a costume and I think you guys might be able to help! I need you guys to think of the most amazing theme ever! For example, someone suggests zombie. (don't suggest zombie unless you've got some completely new and amazing thing that no one has ever thought of!) They'd have to tell me how the make-up would look for the zombie, how the clothes would work, even hair if it's important.

I mainly am looking for impressive make-up, but if you've got a great outfit idea, throw it my way! Though no promises I'll be able to do it. I fail at sewing.

One thing I'd like to have, is that I still look slightly attractive! Haha! I don't want to completely disfigure my face and call myself the walking dead. I'd rather be something fun and crazy! Oh and no, I'm not one of those girls that finds it alright to dress like a "floozy" because "it's, like… Halloween?" So no "Sexy such and such" costumes! Just something fun, maybe pretty, freaking awesome and completely amazing!


• You must follow at least ONE of my sites. It can be any of them, twitter, youtube, tumblr, facebook or deviantart. Though if you want to keep your submission a secret so no one steals it, you can email me at katie.alves@hotmail.com.

• If I pick a suggestion that multiple people have suggested, it'll be who ever says it first. BUT if I like someone's suggestion better, like they went further with the details and gave me more inspiration to do it, then I'll go with them. In the end, it's my decision! No fights about it!

• You can post as many ideas as you want, just don't post the same thing over and over again. Just be sure to submit your ideas one at a time.

• Try to give an explanation to your submission, don't just put "zombie". Then someone might steal your idea and make it awesome-r

• This contest is international! EVERYONE can enter. You may force me to spend a billion dollars in shipping, but that's alright. I'll still love you.

• There will be 3 winners! First place is the costume I'll wear (as long as I can design it. If I can't, I'll go with the 2nd or 3rd, which ever works!) If for some terrible reason, I don't really like any of them, I'll still pick 3 winners! Don't worry! But from the ideas that have been floating around already, I'm sure that won't be a problem!

• After the winners have been chosen, you've got 1 week to respond! If I hear nothing from you by then, then I will pick another winner! If you post on facebook, I'll most likely have to friend you to send you the message. (We can be best friends!)

• The contest will run until September 30th at 11:59 EST! But why would you wait that long anyways?

• I'd like you all to have a look at BH Cosmetics sites! They run other contests all the time, so go follow them! Here's a link to all their sites!

How to Submit

You can submit any way you like. It can be in words, you can do up a drawing or send me pictures from the net or you can even make a video and send it to me! You can send it to any of my sites!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Katie-A…
Tumblr: katiealves.tumblr.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/AngelxXxDeath
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/xKatieAlv…
DeviantArt: katiealves.deviantart.com/


I know, you probably ALL scrolled down here to see what the prizes were. Prizes were donated by the wonderful BH Cosmetics. Ever since I got the 3 generations of BH eyeshadow palettes , it's practically all I use! So I'm positive you guys will love it too!

BH Cosmetics 120 1st generation eyeshadow palette.
So bright, so many colours! When I first got these, I didn't even realize it was two layers! Best surprise ever! Link to the product here: www.bhcosmetics.com/products/e…

BH Cosmetics 88 Color Shimmer eyeshadow palette.
This one I'm jealous of, because I actually don't have the shimmer palettes! Though there are some shimmers in my 120 palettes, so I know they're awesome! You HAVE to try the gold one! Oh my god it's so shiny! I adore it. Link:

BH Cosmetics Brushes:
-Small Smudge Brush
-Classic Smudge Brush
-Precision Eyeliner Brush
-Fine Eyeliner Brush
-Angled Eyeliner Brush
I use these brushes for all of my work and they're awesome! I might add in something eyeshadow-y, because I don't want someone to be like "Yay! Brushes! But I don't have any eyeshadows… crap!"  So you'll most likely get a surprise if you get third! Link: www.bhcosmetics.com/products/b…

So I want you guys to enter, right this second! Get an awesome idea, plan it out and SEND! Tell your friends, your family, your pets, everyone! I'm so excited for this contest! Seriously. Make me proud to have awesome fans like you!

© 2011 - 2020 KatieAlves
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Jess-lessAmigoHobbyist General Artist
Alrighty, i'll have another go at this one; Geisha. Lovely, elegant, dead Geisha. Geisha make-up, tattered kimono and no shoes. Have fun with whatever you do c:
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yolenHobbyist Writer
I'll take another stab and say Spider-Babe. Spider-Man costume altered to your tastes, with the mask painted in. Because it'd go well with your hair. :3
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I think being a dragon would be a cool idea. You do the dragons face on yours with your eyes as the dragons eyes and extend the snout down to the chin so it looks like you're looking down on the dragons head and it would give the implication that the mouth of it is below your chin near your neck. (Or, alternatively, a seahorse could be done the same way) ^.^

I don't know if I'm describing what I mean well or not... I suppose it's entirely up to you on how to interpret this.
AntBriWes's avatar
Also, for the clothing portion it would be pretty basic. Something with a matching color scheme Painted fingers/nails would probably be better than gloves and some sort of tail would have to be designed.
Lalita17's avatar
ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOWWW. Frankenfurter with the huuuugeeee heels!!! :D go wacky get buck :lol: lots of amazing make-up and cross dresser drag queen clothing :dance:
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MyBigBlackDraftStudent Digital Artist
I think you should be like a mi from the nine lives of chloe king i with like green contacts and a dramatic black cat eye look then like a flowy black dress.... Might send a drawing type thing
DemonHuntress08's avatar
DemonHuntress08Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know if I put it here... so I'll mention it again

Sugar Skull :) Sure you could be a skeleton, but the Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls are so beautiful and colorful and can have sparkles :D
yolen's avatar
yolenHobbyist Writer
I already told you my idea, but I thought I'd add pictures of other peoples' take on the costume.

[link] One of the more elaborate headdresses. Red is a popular complement to the black and white base makeup, and flowers are also popular.
[link] The basic skull design can be spiced up with swirls and curves. Even staying with a monotone palette can be exciting.
[link] A more colorful look, showing how both costume and headgear can enhance the look.
[link] The spiderweb is a popular forehead design, and flowers can be incorporated into the makeup as well as the costume. Hair can be down, up, or in an artful blend of the two.
[link] Plant and flower themes are simple but beautiful.
[link] Woodie and Jessie, because it's fun. >.>
[link] Another example of how simple costumes and makeup can be, while still being beautiful and striking. Accessories like headscarves and jewelry are easily added.
LovelyAsDeath's avatar
My idea is affordable and cute. I say be the ginger bread girl. You could buy a plain brown shirt and decorate it with different candy, like gumdrops, licorice, peppermints, and even candy wrappers if it adds flare. You could do the pants the same way but I think it is a little much. Wear some cute brown boots and jeans instead.

As for the makeup you could do a really sun kissed look because you are made of gingerbread! Make the cheeks a golden tone while the eyes are a golden brown smokey eye. I would do some cute huge baby-doll-like fake eyelashes. For the lips you could put sprinkles on them. As for the hair I would suggest pigtails because it gives that innocent candy girl look and you could easily make cute hairbands out of candy wrappers.

All in all, it's an idea that you could really have fun with and make your own. Hope you like the suggestion :)
Amaranthine-Moon's avatar
Amaranthine-MoonHobbyist General Artist
I think you should be a phoenix that has been reborn from it's ashes. You could have some fierce flame detailing around the eyes that extends from the corners outward to your hair line. You know, with bright oranges, reds, and blues. Apply burnt like edges around your face as if you have been reborn from the ashes over and over again. Your lips could be a nice golden brown with burnt edges around the outter lips as well. The top part of your hair could be teased up and the bottom part could be down, loosley curled with firery orange hair spray dye applied to the tips. Your costume could be an off-white colored dress that is layered and flowy but ripped and tattered with burnt marks and mayble some fire detail on the bottom as if your are still burning.
BritBratwolf's avatar
Since you are amazing with makeup, try one of the weeping angels from dr.who [link] Painting your face, neck and arms shouldn't be an issue, and you could pin your hair up like theirs and spray it grey and find a sheet or an actual dress in a similar color.
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Extee01Professional General Artist
I send you an e-mail with my drawings, I hope you got it! :)
KatieAlves's avatar
KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
Check your emails and see if you got a response back from me. If you haven't, try sending it again!
Extee01's avatar
Extee01Professional General Artist
I do not have a response so I send it again ( demonic vampire/bat girl costume) :)
KatieAlves's avatar
KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
Response sent! :D
Extee01's avatar
Extee01Professional General Artist
thank you :)
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ItsOnlyKatrinaStudent Photographer
Okay, my Idea:
A Zombie-Vampire. You dress up like the super cliche vampire, red cap, black dress, fangs, but make it a zombie. So the dress and cape would be ripped and blood stained. The hair would be simple, teased just to uh, a whole new level. You could use your badass make up skills to give yourself some zombie wounds on your arms and face, super pale skin, gaunt eyes, purple and green patches of rotting flesh, and maybe some smudged red lipstick.
LetheSara's avatar
For my suggestion, I think it would rather interesting if you combined holidays. So, what about a Christmas elf with a Halloween twist? In particular, a bloodied twist.
Not only would it be interesting but you'll get to confuse everybody else.

So, I'm thinking:
For the actual costume - Just a standard female elf ensemble (with a respectable hemline, of course) and, one cannot forget, the hat.

For the make up - Pale skinned, for the most part but, on your neck is a big, bloodied bite (zombie or vampire, etc. It's not hugely important which one), with the customary trickling blood from both the corner of the mouth and the wound.
- Green lips (if a slightly "off" green.)
- Red and black eyeshadow, to drill home the halloween-ness

Other than that, use you're own discretion and add whatever necessary to set out the costume. Basically, in the simplest terms, you're a zombie elf. So cute, dead and with a slightly vacant expression. Maybe a few accessories (that yo've demented) from Santa's workshop. I get that it's a slightly bizarre concept but I like the idea of challenging social norms. Best of luck and have fun. xxx
xZeroJinxX's avatar
I don't know if you into Marvel or DC comic's at all. But, I do think that doing a super hero/ super villain scene would be pretty epic.

For example: If you choose to take from a DC comic, say Batman. The best villain would have be be The Joker. Batman always has the darker blue and black tones with bright yellow, meanwhile joker has amazing green and purple. Explosion's in the back ground, maybe in the Batmobile.
Or if you were to choose from a Marvel comic, say Spiderman. Have Mary Jane as they typical damsel in distress and Spiderman swinging from building to building with webs to save her. While the Green Goblin is throwing pumpkin bombs at him. Blues, reds, greens, blacks, yellow's, oranges. A very interesting color pallet if done right.

I would see this being more of an eyelid area sort of thing, maybe extending it into the forehead and cheeks area for certain part's... Hope it made sense- can't wait to see it if you choose my idea. :D
Meiveva's avatar
My first idea is cabaret-themed. I like the mysterious and seductive elements of it (although seduction could probably be toned down :)). Here is my suggestion:
As for eyes, I would go with smoky eyeshadow. I think it would be darker around the eye and gradually fade out. It would be cool to do little wisps and curls of smoke coming off the eyes, as though they were actually smoldering. You could also outline the eyes with a thin stripe of bright eyeliner. If this is even possible, you could try making the bottom of the eyelashes a fiery red color that fades to black to enhance the smoldering effect.
For lips, I would draw on the red hues but throw in some pinks, sort of like a dark magenta color. I think the lips would look cool if sort of painted like rose petals, with dark magentas and reds turning darker at the edges. The color would emanate from the mouth and grow darker as it reached the end of the lips.
Outfit: I think a corset would look really cool. You could either go bright or dark with it, but I think it would look best in a warm color considering the makeup. I would pair that with a skirt with volume, probably in black. I also think it would look great with black lacy tights and fairly tall heels.
As far as hair goes, I'm thinking some sort of twisty knot, perhaps a braid that's bobby-pinned into a sort of bun. Maybe you could stick a couple feathers (black?) or a rose in it.
I hope you like the idea :D
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PawpelsHobbyist Writer
Have you ever heard of Prysm from Teen Titans? [link] I think you might be one of the only people who could pull off that kind of amazingness. I've always wanted to do a costume of her but it would be VERY hard for me.
PinkUnicornPrincess's avatar
PinkUnicornPrincessHobbyist General Artist
I'm thinking of a mermaid/nymph/sea creature.
You can have soft pale blue skin with very chiseled features with scaley details around the eyes extending down the cheek bones and neck. Very dramatic eye with aquamarines, emeralds, and shimmering deep blues with lots of false lashes for the drama. As well as eye brow coverage and extending the scaley details above the eyes were the eyebrows should be. If your really daring, you put on piercing blue eye contacts. A deep shimmering purple lip color with a faded black liner would be pretty. As for the costume, I think a very fanticaful, flowy, silky gown with lots of layers to emphasize the look of the ocean and a tight bodus with blue/ green and purple sequine/glitter detailing to mimic scales. Hair should be very beachy with soft curls and seaweed-ish extensions intertwined with the hair. Of course your welcome to change anything, I just got really into explaining and I love make up too.
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BehuggStudent Artist
hmmm... i might do this :3 and i think i have a idea in mind :33
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7KnightsStudent General Artist
one word Moonbow.
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