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Valentine Gradient Nails

By KatieAlves
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So I finally tried to do gradient nails. Man is it ever time consuming! The picture doesn't exactly show it properly, but I thought I would share it with you guys none the less.

I started with a really white-pink colour and then slowly added darker and darker pinks until I hit black. Then I added pink sparkles on top. (Yes, sadly deviant art makes the pink purple. ugh)

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day!
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First of all I want to say that 14th of February means a lot for me because it is one of the most important dates in my life! In this day were born two very important people for me: my kind, comic and lenient father Alexei and my very best friend Valeria! Nevertheless that this date IS important for me I do not consider it like a day of love, day of all lovers and everyone who is in loved. For my conservative, self-critical and exacting nature it would be just “all sugar and honey” to celebrate The Day of Love (with hearts, flowers, candies, couple of a white pigeons all around etc.) In fact I am not a romantic person mostly so the fact that here is a connection between this manicure and The Valentine Day do not touch my feelings at all!

So, let us go straight to the artwork by itself! Nevertheless that I do not prefer to interpret The Valentine Day as a day of love, I know what can symbolize it and I am not sure that the violet color is one of the symbols of this lovely holiday! Pink and red may be significant for this day. As I know, while the first love some people truly can see the pink clouds (only the PINK clouds). And usually this color palette is used to emphasize something nice and sweet: like a first love for example! And red color usually symbolizes more passionate love of adults: it is like the man is asking for the hand of a woman, ready to give her his bloody red heart… Well, of course I may be not very sure about the meanings of pink and red colors, but nevertheless I still do not think that violet color is pretty suitable for The Valentine Day! And one more remark about the color of the nails. You very nicely described what colors did you use for this manicure and how (in what order) did you use them. First was light-pink color, then it was more dark pink and then you finally reached the black color. Well, I think that it is very good that you all by your own created the way to reach the gradient effect on the nails. But from my point of view your manicure looks like it is unfinished, because I believe that in true gradient the watchers would not note that there are three layers of colors used in your manicure, and I just can see all three used layers on some of your nails! The colors should just very slowly flow from one color to another!
I would like to apologize to you at this point because I think that someone would like to say to me that if I am saying that this work wasn’t done right then maybe I should try to do it by myself! Not once I said that I am not an artist, but nevertheless, if person is posting his or her works I think that they should be done right and just impeccably! I am very exacting with anyone and anything, so I as the watcher would like to see not just an attempt to do something but a good and finished artwork nevertheless where this artwork is done (paper, computer or even face and the body of a human or other living thing)!

One more thing I would like to say about the quality of the picture by itself. Of course I understand that in real life all things do not look like we try to depict them on paper or with photo, but nevertheless I think that in spite of the artists’ opinion all the pink sparkles and the manicure by itself are shown very properly. But the fingers, the skin on them and all the lines on them also are shown very naturally, for me even too much naturally! Of course I understand that fingers are pretty skinny like all parts of our body, but the you should work on the quality of the photos at this point, because I would not prefer to spend all the time looking not on the nice manicure but on the skinny fingers! You should pay your attention not only on the main object on the photo because everything is major!

Well, I really think that if the artist is a specialist and a connoisseur in his or her genre of art and is already pretty famous with what she does, the artist should not experiment with other genres nevertheless that make-up and manicure are a little bit near to each other like the arts! I still believe that there would be a lot of people, fans and watchers who would find this artwork as a very attractive masterpiece of manicure! Nevertheless that I was not affected by this work I believe that it is a very talented artist (looking at all her gallery) and we should be glad that in our beloved DA community is some person who prefer to develop herself in all genres of art without dread of other people opinions and if something will not come out as she wanted!

With all my respect.
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I thought it was pretty fair. You gave a back story of why you think the way you do, and gave tips on what could have been better. So your was solid and I agree with everything you said.
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and personally, I have absolutely no clue about makeup.... ;.;
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Hello, and thank you for asking me to look at your critiques. :) I do quite think that your critiques are fair, but for this one I'm not entirely sure what the purple nails have to do with valentines day. sure, they are purple, but pink usually symbolizes love and so on. I do not comment on your other critiques, because most everything has already been said that I think. that and I do not often go around giving critiques. I only do it, if I think I really have something to say about it or for another reason.

it makes me happy and I thank you for asking me to critique your critiques, but at the moment, I am not on dA very often and when I am, I am helping my group or posting my work. please do not ask me to critique anything else unless it really does relate to what I work with. (anime, manga, photography, cosplay, beading...) thank you~ :)
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Do dear!
i just read your critique with all my attention.I think on the SAME way as you...

14 February is a very important day for everyone...Even if a person is single,he/she feels desired that day...Couse everyone of us has a admirer, published or secret..Long time ago,on that day,I've broken my arms.But i can't just hate that day for this.It's like Christmas Eve.Even if you are unlucky or somthing very bad happened you in that day,the atmosphere that runs about chistmas make you forget all about your problem!Something like that happens with me on Valentine Day!

Valentine Day is Lovers Day!Is day for people who are in love with each other...Every color symbolizes something.The color of love is RED COLOR!So i think that her nails must be colored with red.I love the idea of having three different clors...But in Valentine day i will use RED,PINK,and WHITE (maybe)...SOmething that would look adorable and sweety!

With that colors looks like she is depresed...Looks like she hate love in some points and is single and unwanted from people...Purple looks like dark color and son't suits twith love day!

At least this is my opinion honey!...:heart:...Kika...
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I must say that you've put a lot of detail in this critique. I'm usually not a big fan of this kind of work, but I find your thoughts on this interesting.
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:3 Hey, I'm usually interested in what you have to say critique wise. I do notice you were right. You're a little rougher on this piece, but it's alright. It's a good piece, but I did notice before reading your comment that there were a few areas I was discontent with. Though it is still pretty epic. I'd say you did a fine job.
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Hello ElRinaZuza,

You asked me what I thought of your critique and I will stand by what I have said to you before in the note that I sent you; whilst I truly appreciate your efforts for providing an in depth critique, and whilst you have chosen some excellent adjectives, you need to get your critiques proof-read before sending them to the artist. It is difficult to follow, and it's a shame that the essence of your critique is lost in that. (as I said before, I'm happy to proof read for your).

I did not finish reading the critique because the grammatical errors makes it incredibly hard to follow.

Unlike your other two critiques that you have asked me to review, I find this one rather unfair. Here, you are critiquing not the work of the artist - in terms of their originality, the technique (you did a little bit, talking about the lighting capturing the sparkles and the lines on the fingers, but it is minimal). I feel like you are criticising the concept of the artist in a subjective way; you critiqued it on the basis that it's about Valentine's day, and you don't like the day being a holiday.

I'm interested to know why you even wanted to critique it? When I critique a work it is because I see something special in it, something worth talking about. Ultimately, the critique facility on DA is designed to provide an artist feedback in order to improve their work - to make it that little bit better than it already was. If you point-blank do not enjoy the work, it is impossible to provide pointers for improvement, and you end up with a critique that merely tells the artist that you didn't like their concept and that they should change it completely. Which is what I feel this critique is.

I also disagree with what you said about how an established artist in one medium should not experiment with other kinds. To many (if not all) artists, experimentation is what keeps art alive. And to be and feel alive is why we do what we do as artist. Maybe as you said, you are not an artist, so you don't really understand that. If that is the case then it's very hard for me to accept your opinions as you do not understand the topic you are forming thoughts about.

I appreciate you asking for my opinions on your critique - that shows me that you are honestly willing and interested in writing them. So, the offer of sending me your critiques for proof reading prior to publishing them still stands. However, I must say that I do not enjoy reading these published critiques when they are written with so many errors - I do not think it is fair on the artist.
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I do think that this was fair but you should not put that you do not think of feb 14 as a day of love because that is what the holiday is for and it's what most ppl think about it. (Actually I think of it as single awraness day. It's a real holiday)
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I want to try this one soon!
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The nails look amazing there so pretty you should be nail designer
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how many polished do u need for this?
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I think I ended up using 5? Light pink, medium pink, darker pink, black and then sparkles.
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black nail polish? ... also, is the sparkles nail polish or just... "sparkle dust"?
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Yup everything I used was nail polish!
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Looks amazing, but yes it does seem time consuming. =P Great result nevertheless!
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This is beautiful. You did the best job. Did you use different shades of pink, of did you use more polish as you went further down. Please explain this to me, as gradiet nail always confuse me
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I used a bunch of shades of pink until I reached to black at the tip! :)
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Do you move downwards as you go? (sry for all my questions)
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I start with the lightest colour and continue up, adding colour until I reach the black. :)
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