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Tornado Eyes

By KatieAlves
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Oh no! Look out little house! It's going to get you!

Thanks to Alysha Hipes for the idea of this one! She was a runner up in the contest I held with Beautyuk!

Last night, almost all of southern Ontario was either in a Tornado Watch or Warning. We didn't get a tornado here, but we did get one of the best lightning shows I've ever seen! It lasted about 4 hours! That's amazingly long for a storm! It started about 8 and kept going until about midnight, but even at 1am, there were still a few flashes!

If you haven't guessed get, I'm in love with storms, so obviously this was a lot of fun to do!

So in this one, there's a tornado, lightning and a little house with a fence getting sucked up!
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your art style speaks to me, i think it is amazing to use the eyes and lips for art in ways i would have never thought of. i really love lookign at your art cause i can see all the time you must have put into each picture. im a really big fan. your an amazing person keep up the good work. also i really like how good the tornado looks very very nice work on it. please do another one soon. love you and your awesome work <3

i am known as raven seiren cross if you have any questions please ask me
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I love tornadoes myself and this is very inspiring. The way your idea of the tornado picking up the fence was very great. Also I think the little house could of had one room with a light on. Besides that, the house is awesome! My favorite is the lightning, I like how you made it streak to your other eye! In any other way possible, this was very amazing and inspiring!!!! I also like how you arched your eyebrows in this one! Your eylashes were very gorgeous honey! I say keep up the good work! Also your tornado is amazing!
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this was an amazing drawing of it. i saw it many times in movies. but its kinda creepy. 3 and 4 stars. the tornado drawing is pretty cool. you need to work on the skin color though. it needs some darkening on the middle. and try to add debris clouds in the background. and make the tornado darker. you need to add debris flying everywhere in the background in the eyes. this was not original. I've seen this millions of times in movies and TV shows.(Twister, tornado, ice twisters, swamp volcano, volcano, new York city tornado terror, planet off the apes, etc)
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
You do know this is makeup right? Not a drawing?
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tailsdollloverforevzHobbyist Filmographer
oh sorry, it didn't look like a human
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Firstly, let me just ask you a question: Who Are YOU?!?! and Secondly: when you had the inspiration for this, did you happen to watch Twister or is this your love of tornadoes? either way it's freaking amazing!!!! the entirety of this deviant in astounding; blending different eyeshadows to create the dark sky of the storm, the silvery glow of the lightning and the powerful winds of the tornado itself. even the little house in incredible; it reminds me of the wizard of oz when dorothy got suck in by that tornado; what you do with this goes above & beyond!!
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This is really really lovely and creative! I love storms, too! :3

This is really nice, and actually looks a lot like a storm. I think this is pretty awesome. I like it how you also colored your eyelashes, it's very pretty and elegant. I would so go around like that! x)

I'm guessing on one eye it's lightning while the other is a tornado? That's really cool! This is REALLY creative, and expresses how much you love storms.

Really beautiful piece of work. I also like the sort of sparkle in it, it really looks like a real night sky. I am also amazed on how well you can make the house with makeup! You're very talented. (:
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
Well thank you! :love:
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RAWRIeatyouStudent General Artist
No problem!~ :D
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Ask-Echo4Student Traditional Artist
Looks really awesome, if I would ever wear makeup, it would be this
(I'm a tomboy x3)
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Ninja615Hobbyist General Artist
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zaper824Hobbyist Photographer
This is amazing. I love tornadoes and lightning. In fact, those are my two most favorite things in the world. I love this art, it is truly beautiful
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This is amazing!
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KiwiCocktailHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's some fantastic makeup!
The fence and little house are so cute, but I absolutely adore the shadings on the lashes. Such a fun idea! C:
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YokoSCHobbyist General Artist
love it
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Zombie-KumosHobbyist General Artist
I bet you get a boatload of comments asking this but I have to ask on this piece since I've looked high and low for these shades of blue for eyeshadow... What brand did you use and if you know what are the colour swatches on these called? (It's okay if you don't want to say haha. I completely understand)
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
It's BH Cosmetics eyeshadow. They've got 120 palette sets and I combined a bunch of the blues! :)
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hippyPrincessHobbyist Writer
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sandheartwarriorStudent Filmographer
OMG...im amazed by your makeup...i just cant stop looking at your eyeshadow designs they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is beautiful! Did you do this to yourself or a model? I'm extremely impressed!
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
I do all my work on myself! Other people twitch too much!
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lovinthemediaHobbyist General Artist
The lightning is cool!
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You're beyond incredible. You know that, right?
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