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The Seven Deadly Sins - Full Collection

By KatieAlves
Here's the full collection of my Seven Deadly Sins makeup! It's hard to decide which look I like the best.
Which one is your favourite
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© 2013 - 2021 KatieAlves
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Oh yeah,I saw some on!

Ton of heart for lust! ;P
Wrath theme is volcano and fire,which fit. Devilish 
Ooh,the color scheme of Greed.Green for dollar and Yellow for coins!

I love the multicolor scheme and the candy themed for glutonny.
AyumiKasanunde's avatar
so cool,me likey Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
Kaytie-Kat666's avatar
You should add Tutorials for them. I'd love to use them for my Demonic Personifications of the 7 Deadly Sins (they're my OCs), with your permission of course and is give you full credit. But it's look awesome
KatieAlves's avatar
Sure! As long as you credit me, go right ahead. :)
Kaytie-Kat666's avatar
Do you have a tutorial?
KatieAlves's avatar
Sadly no, I don't yet.
Kaytie-Kat666's avatar
You should totally make some! :)
RotogonZ's avatar
I appear to have fallen in love with these designs.
Well done.
l3itchlySuccubus's avatar
I love the colors and how you did the makeup. It so shockingly good
LP4E2's avatar
*Stares in aw~* So pretty~! Mememe 
I-AM-GOD-HERE's avatar
((I made creepypasta OCs of the Seven Deadly Sins. Also, isn't Vanity the same as Pride and Wrath the same as Anger?))
WickidlyStrange13's avatar
You make good makeup!
iwkasliwka's avatar
i like glutonny and sloth!
Katniiss's avatar
my favourite are greed and wrath ^^
CutieKittie999's avatar
They're all very creative and stylish, Lust and Sloth are my favorites :3
theartistbear's avatar
This is such an awesome collection! :) I love Vanity and Gluttony the most!
Ravenwood777's avatar
My favorite is envy!
disneyfan056's avatar
My favorite is Gluttony... her hair is gorgeous!!

I also like grrd and sloth
666pyrocharmedgirl's avatar
My faves are Wrath Envy and either Lust or Vanity
OtakuNekoGirl2014's avatar
RoseTintedGrasses's avatar
I really love the way you did Envy, Gluttony, Greed, and Wrath. This must take hours! It's beautiful! BTW, where do you get your black light makeup?
KatieAlves's avatar
I got a palette from Kryolan and another from Wolfe :)
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bondoresukodomo's avatar
This makeup work is beautiful. I have to say, that each one really does fit the theme. It's artistic and amazing.
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