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Sunrise Eyes for CityTV

By KatieAlves
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Video Tutorial here: [link]

So I did an interview with CityTV (Toronto TV station) and they wanted to get some footage of me doing my art, so this is the one I created for them! It's actually what I see looking outside my window in the morning.

So there's a tree, the lake with land across, some birds and the sun! I used BH Cosmetics for all the sunrise colours!

Oh and as you can see, there's make-up in my eyebrows! That's what you get for using eyeshadow near the hair! It like... GLUES itself to hairlines! Seriously!

The colours are much brighter, so if you want to see the true colours, go to my facebook! [link]
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Jun 17, 2011, 2:10:13 AM
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Very original idea! I've never seen anything like this! The details are stunning, and I cannot imagine how much work this may have been, for I think this make-up must be applied by the artist herself. Kudos for that. Then, it really makes me feel like it's impressionistic, which I like. Right now I'm thinking that Van Gogh might actually have painted something like this if he hadn't committed suicide. Anyway, I digress. The colours used makes it very vivid, and I know you don't apply make-up to your nose and such, but I can clearly see how that would've been. Absolutely amazing. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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DingwallHobbyist Photographer
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Vision: I have never seen someone so creative with makeup. It's so flawless, so sunny and the sun rays make the picture so happy. I love how this is a "scene" of something that you witness, and must be a lovely place you live in.

Originality: When I was browsing through the home page, these eyes shot out at me, and when i got a closer look, it surprised me, it's simply so beautiful, and I never seen anything quite like it!

Technique: Obviously, and clearly, you have quite some talent. It takes a lot of eyes and practices to get something to amazing! To me, it's hard to copy down an image and make it so symmetrical to the real-life thing. You've done this so well.

Impact: This blows my mind. It makes me happy, joyful and "sunny". This makes me think, along with the captions, that you are very talented, and CityTV would be/is very impressed and astonished to see what someone can do.

Overall: All together, I think you have done an amazing job on these eyes. I think you are very talented, and everyone that has seen this picture of her is amazed. Great job!
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
Wow! Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! :D
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DingwallHobbyist Photographer
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Donzo317 Traditional Artist
I cant believe you did all that with your eyes closed!
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yoko15blooHobbyist Interface Designer
so cute indeed !!
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You got some artistic shit here girl! I bow down before you. I have to ask, how do you do it, and what makeup do you use?
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
I actually have a video tutorial telling you exactly what I use and how I do it! :D
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kaitlynnasslebellHobbyist Photographer
I love this art peace amazing <3
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.... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wait, in your tutorial video you did it the other way around. what is up with that?
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
It's mirrored! My picture is flipped.
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you mean the video is filmed in a mirror? does that mean you do your makeup with your right hand? because it looks that way. i'm so confused by this. it's a little hilarious. to me.
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
Haha! Nooo! The video is the correct way, but the picture has been flipped to show MY view of it.
no-facey's avatar
oh. okay. then i have a new question: why?
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
Because that's how my back yard actually looks. I couldn't flip the video, but the picture, I wanted to be accurate.
no-facey's avatar
well that's reasonable enough. i do apologise for taking so long:D
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ever considered goin to "Face Off"? your makeup is absolutely amazing! you'd make an awesome makeup & effects artist :)
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
I'd like to learn special effects first. I wouldn't last a minute without knowing how to apply stuff!
NinjaBunny07's avatar
i definitely wanna try out makeup & effects someday. just stop by a year-round halloween shop & get random stuff. lol. hmmm, i still have a bloody eyeball applique thingy (i guess that's what you call them?) from a few years ago when my bf went as a cop with an eye hanging out & i'm thinkin about gettin that back out & testing it out on him once i get some more stuff :evillaugh:
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deadhope4everHobbyist General Artist
omg beautiful
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wow. I love it
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echelonuniverse6277Hobbyist General Artist
:heart: this is amazing! I love how it actually shows the sun-rising where you still have some of the eye in darkness. It's beautiful.
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MadixNoodlesHobbyist Digital Artist
It reminds me of The Notebook in the beginning of the movie. Stunning. : )
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