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Soft Lace

By KatieAlves
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I've never tried the lace pattern before and let me tell you, it was quite a challenge! Pretty sure I redid this at least 10 times! I used a piece of lace and it was difficult to find the right pattern and to get it to show properly!

This is done in celebration of Lime Crimes new Marie Antoinette palette! I wanted to create a look using all of the new colours. It has gorgeous soft pastels in it! <3
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May 18, 2012, 12:47:57 PM
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Blinded-PandaHobbyist General Artist
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Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love all of the dedication you put into your work. I went through and looked at some of your things and everything is amazing. The colors in this go together very well, it's not too overcrowded or overpowering. I really like that the colors are suddle and light opposed to a bunch on bright colors. I can only imagine how long it takes you to do these things. The swirls and the glitter pull it all together, withough them it would not look as balanced and as good as it looks now. I absolutely love what you did with the lace technique. You did an excellent job!
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You never fail to surprise me. I absolutely love the layout. The Lighter colours on top, with the green and black on the bottom adds a value scale that compliments the pastels on the top lid. I enjoy looking at that lace pattern, and the dark colors really make the brown in your eye the center of the photo. The jewels are a really nice touch as well. I find that my eye keeps moving when I look at the photo, which is a very much needed element when it comes to anything artistic, and it is always led to your thick eyelashes, then to the purple, to the blue, the jewels, the lace, and so on. The only critique I honestly have is to make the transition into the peach from the white a little smoother, and to make your bottom lashes a little fuller, to balance out the top. The lace is wonderful to look at, and I admire your patience. I love it. (:
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Very impressed with the eye makeup piece! I adore the use of the complimentary colour system in the eyeshadow and the curves blossoming from the eye itself. The mascara frames the eye beautifully and the brown eye successfully grounds the colour and makes the piece less fantastical, as one believes that this makeup could be on their own eye! The lace design itself is very well executed: hours of work have clearly paid off and I believe the greys of the lace complement the colour of the eyeshadows.
My only criticism would be to use less heavy black mascara, as the concentrated area of black on the picture may be detracting from the centerpiece. Perhaps a different colour mascara is worth experimenting with to compliment the greys? A lighter use of mascara would define the individual eyelashes and therefore compliment the curls at the side of eye.
Very impressive work and I can't wait to see more from you!
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The lace work is absolutly stunning and the grey tones highlight that. The extra rainbow colors take away from the lace pattern. Maybe having just one color would be nice, but having so many colors and the lace just takes the focus away from the lace pattern. The detail on the side is beautiful and the sparkles are perfect. It looks wonderful overall, but could look even more stunning if the focus was left to the lace pattern. You have incredible talent and I always love seeing your work and can't wait to see what you do next. The lace turned out wonderfully.
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AurorousHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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I'm impressed as usual! I've never seen a lace technique used in makeup before, but what a great concept! I like that you kept the colors simple on the lace part, but I feel that the green, purple and orange are a little too much. You may have been able to get away with one of those colors, but I personally think it would have looked nicer with only black, white, and gray. A soft blue would have worked nicely as well, but I am perhaps biased because blue is one of my favorite colors. I love the detail to the side of the eye; even though it is bold it does not detract from how beautiful the lace looks. Very nicely done overall. I look forward to seeing more from you!
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forgetyourwoesStudent Filmographer
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Your makeup work always impresses me! However, this one nabbed my interest. Lovely job on the lace part! I think that you did a good job on it and your long struggle was worth the results! What threw this make up design off for me is the rainbow on the lid. It is very well done, but I think you should have left it grey , instead of doing the rainbow. I find myself looking more at the rainbow than at the lace because it is color against the strict black and white of the lace. A way this could have been fixed is either making the lace colored as well, or by keeping the entire eye grey.
Regarding the details on the right hand side, I feel like it's solid as well. Covering up the rainbow, the three gems are contrast enough. The rainbow isn't needed, in my opinion.
Otherwise, great job on another extravagant sample of eye makeup! I can't wait to see what you do next!
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you are so talented, wow... I don't know if you read comments or take any of them seriously but I am TELLING YOU that you are really and truly an artist and I wish you the best of luck bc ANYONE with your talent deserves great things xox beautiful beautiful beaaaauuuutiful
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
I always read and care about comments! Always! <3
They mean the world to me! And thank you! :love:
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StopTelephoningMeHobbyist Writer
This has to be one of my all-time favourites by you. The colours are lovely and the lace print is just surreal, it's so stunning. Very well done. <3
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AkikoHamasakiHobbyist General Artist
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you should do a tutorial!
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Lee-The-DogHobbyist General Artist
This looks difficult, so you don't have to do this, but a tutorial to see how you did this would be cool.
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SeersSword General Artist
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You can actually glue a peice of lace to your eyelid wiht eyelash glue, it looks realy cool :D like lace eyeshadow :)
very gorgeous Katie:clap::la:
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Love that lace look, would love to see it maybe in pink and creams like marie antoinette was famous for, but not sure how well that would turn up!
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I really love that effect, you did a great job.
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I, for one, thank you for continuing to try the lace pattern because it turned out AMAZING!
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Absolutely stunning! How did you manage to get the lace pattern to show? I want to try this for my summer ball, cause i have a lace dress!
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
I held up a piece of lace to my eye and dabbed eyeshadow through it! :)
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Thank you! I will have to go experiment. And practise. A lot. (I'm not very good with make up!)
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Very impressive and elegant. The colors add such a nice touch to it.
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from the close up to me it just looks kind of silly, but maybe I'd like it better if I could see how it works like the whole face.
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