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Canada Day Eyes

By KatieAlves
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Happy Canada Day you awesome Canadians! I did this for a local newspaper, but I thought it would be better to put it up FOR Canada Day! So there's a bunch of fireworks, the HAPPY CANADA DAY and people watching near my eyelashes.

This was extremely hard to photograph. Each firework has about a million sparkles on it, so I had to keep moving around so I could actually get the details behind the sparkles XD. If I had my video camera, I would have taken a video, it was SO sparkly!

For those of you that are American, just erase the words and BAM you've got your 4th of July XD

Anyways, enjoy the day!
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First of all I need to say that I am not an American (in all possible meanings of it). In fact I was born and lived all my life in one of the most conservative parts of North Europe and at this point I am proud to call myself a European! But in spite of mine parentage I believe that I still can make a critique on this no maters what a pure chef d'oeuvre!

So, this make-up made by a very talented and creative in her genre artist is my first acquaintance with such a holiday as a Canada day because before I saw this artwork I had never heard about this day anything at all. And nevertheless I surely may say that this first impression is good enough! I believe that all those details that are incredibly posted on such a little area for creating an artwork are the most meaningful symbols of this day and I need to note how beautifully they are in this work! Fireworks (not just in the eye shadows but also in the corners of the eyes by themselves), festival, air and sea presentations and of course a group of people who are already amazed and now are looking at everything what I have already meant. This is too much for the eyelids so I can not imagine how talented the person needs to be to put all these into a finished and truly nice make-up that not only looks grandiosity but also marvelous and attractive in the same time as well! The author of this artwork said that it took her about 30-45 minutes to finish this work but no maters how long the artist was making this make-up I can not even imagine how much time it should take to mark all the details in it! Incredible isn’t it? And even if you thought that you have already found every single detail in this work you may believe that there is still something that you haven’t found yet! It may be the bluish highlights in the sky. The watchers may not distinguish them from just a hue of the blue color that is fully used in the eye shadows but I believe that they are there anyway! Or another detail similar to the highlights by how they are veiled is the little people watching near the eyelashes. In fact I would not see them if I did not read the comment of the author to her work in the first place. This is what really impresses me in this work – the bunch of the details!

Also in this work I like how all the colors perfectly are harmonize with each other! Yes, there is a lot of dark blue color but nevertheless there are colors that hardly can go with the main color. Like orange. The inscription "Happy Canada Day" is made in orange color and may look like just unsuitable for this make-up, but thank you for the one and only firework made in just a little bit brighter orange color now both details are looking fine in this artwork! The same or just similar thing I want to say about the fireworks near the corners of the eyes. They may look like if there was not enough place for those details and the artist was reluctant to put them beyond the limit of the eyelids, but thank you for the color what was used for those fireworks (blue) they are just suitable enough I think!

I see again (because I already wrote one critique for this artist) that she says that we can not see all the sparkles in the make-up and how sparkly in the reality it was. I do not agree and want to say that I surely can see how sparkly it is and if she says that each firework has about a million sparkles on it then I see all one million sparkles!

As I already said, I do not know much about this holiday, what is the difference between Canadians and Americans (if Canada is a part of the North America) but I definitely can feel the atmosphere of the Canada day just by looking at this make-up! Nevertheless that some people think that the make-up can not be called artwork I don’t believe them and I am glad that on our beloved DA are artists of this genre! So, thank you for showing us your talent once more!

And I don’t know how but today exactly is the 1st of July and I’m glad to say Happy Canada Day for every person who loves this holiday!

With all my respect.
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ashestoStudent Digital Artist
Hey sorry it took me so long to take a look at this critique! For the past week I have been in Alaska with no Internet access. Anyways, I can tell even just from reading this critique that you are a practiced and respectful critique of others' art. This critique is very well thought out and thorough. Wonderful job!

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JezzyChanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful critique.
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ElRinaZuzaHobbyist Photographer
Thank you!
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ohio-writerStudent Writer
The one quality I think that goes unstated though was how the work gets even more beautiful with distance. Other than that, I hope the generous applause for this piece is tasteful and respectful to the artist.
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ElRinaZuzaHobbyist Photographer
I hope so either! And thank you very much!
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coincidentally, i'm looking at it right now- canada day.
probably a year or more after, though.
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Viv1dFlameHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm in awe, the fact that you can do this is just amazing
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SarahVikkenHobbyist General Artist
Firstly, WOW. Gorgeous. I love how the night sky turned out, and I especially love the fireworks off to the side of your eyelids.

Secondly, just for the record, ~ElRinaZuza, Canadians aren't Americans. We're North Americans, but we're not "Americans". I live on the Canada-US border and that's a very important distinction here, lol But lovely critique =)

Happy Canada Day! (Even though it's January now.)
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KrenayaHobbyist General Artist
wow. . .I can't believe that you actually did that. . . O.O
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Charlotte-StoneStudent Digital Artist
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ShadowWolf90998Student General Artist
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phoenix509Hobbyist General Artist
HOLY @%*$!!! How did you manage to do that????!!!! O_O
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kaitlyn102398Hobbyist Artist
I'm canadian and every year we go see fireworks
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xXZanneyXxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was born on canada day :3
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hetalianlover13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was born on Canada Day yet I'm American
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DrkFaerieGFXHobbyist Artist
This is amazing, so much detail, I would love to know how long it took you to do this
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KatieAlvesHobbyist Artist
It took about 30-45 minutes! :)
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DrkFaerieGFXHobbyist Artist
shorter than i thought it would take,lol very nicely done.
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HEY i didnt see this until now XD but ITS AWESOME !! HAPPY BELATED CANADA DAY!!
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suicidallemmingHobbyist General Artist
Haha that's so cool, my first Friday in Canada and I got to celebrate Canada Day in Bracebridge, Ontario :> was an awesome time and this captures that atmosphere brilliantly!
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usigarichan555Hobbyist Artist
When IS Canada day?
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