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Whoo! Out of the three Chrono redesigns so far, this one is the most detailed! Yipes, that dress killed me! Oddly enough, it was fun, even though it was time-consuming. It wasn't very hard...well, the crossbow was a challenge, but at least it's accurate!

So, after doing Lucca and Frog from my awesome Chrono dream, I needed to do Marle/Nadia as well! I based her design loosely off the sprites of her as "Queen Leene." The dress she wore in the first part of my dream was more like her "Marle" outfit, but in the second part I was aware that she was wearing her "queen" dress...random dream knowledge.

Anyway! She's not a cold-hearted person, of course, she just has an affinity for ice magic, just like Lucca has an affinity for fire magic. Her skills haven't totally rusted (unlike Frog's :P), but in the years after Chrono Trigger she only ever cast healing spells, so her ice magic dwindled to near-nonexistance. She's gradually learning her old spells again as she follows Crono/Chrono through time again... know, I'm not entirely sure what the quest was about. I mean, saving Guardia was part of it, but there was also a Zealian time machine built by Norstein Bekkler, and a mystery magician (possibly also Bekkler) who turned Glenn into a Frog again...and it seems like there's something really important going on that my subconscious neglected to fill me in on. -sigh-

Other characters (possibly) to come? Crono/Chrono and Magus! ^_^

Oh, I've been playing CT DS...the new translation is OK...the middle-agers sound more cohesive, instead of Frog being the ONLY ONE speaking old-fashionedly...but they also toned down Frog's knightly voice. "Lower thine guard and thou'rt allowing the enemy in." = "Lower your guard and you allow the enemy in"--or something like that. I'ts not really bad, it's just hard to get used to.

Oh, and they changed Naga-Ette's to plain Naga! Argh! Why would they do that?! That ticks me off...they changed almost every enemy name, it seems...

Oh well, small price to pay! Complaints aside, it's a very nice game! They did a great job transferring, and it's just as good and fun to play.

Whoo...I rambled on, didn't I? Must be getting old...

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I absolutely love this! She looks AMAZING!!