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If anyone remembers this journal way back in 2013 , you'll know I'm a Mom (to a wonderful 4 year old daughter, I might add)!  WELL... my husband and I decided to have one more addition to our family and I'm pregnant again.  Actually I've been pregnant for quite a while...  Baby #2 will be coming sometime around the end of March!

As is evident by my gallery, I don't post much nowadays, nor do I have time to.  I'll be even more scarce in the future, but such is life.  I'll still be around to check out peoples cool arts when I can though!

Oh, I have a Tumblr , but I'm honestly not that much more active on that either, haha.

I know people often assume that once you reach adulthood/parenthood that all fun goes out the window, but they really couldn't be more wrong.  I have other obligations that are very important to me, but I still draw and think about the same doofy characters that I've had for years.  Still looove cartoons and being a nerd.  It's something that you never need to give up.  Sort of wish I could've assured younger me of that... and since I'm most likely much older than a majority of DA, I'll assure you guys of that.

In short... I'll draw and upload when I can! :)

ANYHOO~  That's my big news for the year!  I'm very pregnant and uncomfortable... how are you kids doin'?!

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.
:bulletblue: Terms of Service
It's probably too late to mention this because most of you are gone and already on Tumblr, but yeah... I have one of those too.  
If you'd like to watch mine it's .  I don't post a lot and don't reblog a ton of nonsense, so if you'd like to see my art on another platform... THAR Y'GO.  
Not leaving DA, just posting in both places and hoping to get in touch with folks over there too.

Thanks, friends.
...That those of you who comment on or favorite art of my original characters make me feel all warm and squishy inside.  <3  Thanks!

Pony Badge Commissions 2.0 by Katie-W Pony Badge Commissions by Katie-W

-Option A: Detailed Badges are $38 to $45 USD (Price depends on complexity of the character)
-Option B: Simple Badges are $21 to $25 (Price depends on complexity of the character)

-IMPORTANT: These commissions are ONLY available for PICK-UP at Everfree Northwest 2015!
-These badges will NOT be available as commissions at the convention as they take too long to make. Sorry!
-I accept payment only over Paypal & require payment up front.
-I will work on badges in the order that I get them. The slots open are first come, first served. I will not hold slots.
-These badges are completely traditional works of art -- colored with copic marker, laminated, and come with a badge clip!
-In the event that you cannot make it to the convention, I will require you to pay for shipping and handling in order for you to recieve your badge.
-If for some reason I am not able to make it to the convention, I will ship you your badge for free.… <-- Click here for my Terms of Service… <-- Click here for all my MLP artwork!

-COMMENT HERE if you would like a badge. (If the slots are full, that means you must wait until I reopen... please check back later.)
-I will note you once I've accepted your commission and give you my email address & instructions.
-Once I get your response email, I will also give you my paypal address for you to send payment.
-Once payment is recieved, then I will start on your commission.
-I will supply you with a high res scan of your badge BEFORE the convention. Your badge will most likely be on display in my booth, so please come and pick it up as soon as you can!
Thank you very much!

1. Wubitraw - finished
2. TheUniverseTraveler - finished
3. Kired25 - finished
4. Ad-Absurdum - finished
5. MrPonyTim - finished
6. danSquare - finished
7. Senn555 - finished
8. Senn555 - finished
9. BumbleBun - finished
10. BumbleBun - finished
11. MissSakura-Senpai  - finished
All slots are full and I'm no longer taking anymore badges. Thank you to everyone who has ordered from me! 

Please remember, I won't be open for these badges at the convention, as they are for pre-order only.
Thanks so much to all of you who have commissioned me or have simply looked at my art. :) See you at Everfree 2015!
Everfree Northwest! fast approaches!  It's a My Little Pony convention that is local to me.
I'll be there from Friday to Sunday (July 4-6) in the vendors room.
I'm listed under PATCHWERK and my table number is 30!  Click here to see the vendors layout!

I will be selling--
:bulletpurple: 12 new, framed, original art pieces.
:bulletblue: LOTS of mini-Prints!  16 different pony prints to choose from!
:bulletpurple: My Little Pony carousel decorations  

I will also have a piece in the charity auction!  It's an original piece of framed art that also includes a print pack of ALL of my current prints.

If you're not familiar with my pony artwork, have a looky-loo HERE!  My gallery does not contain all of the prints that I have available at Everfree.  

I'm pregnant!  And this is not just something I've found out recently... I'm actually about 16 weeks along.  This is something I've wanted for a while and I'm quite excited.  The baby is growing fast and seems to be doing quite well!

I've also decided to take a break from the industry.  I've worked as an artist/animator for a small company for 7 years, but have decided to take some much needed time off to relax a bit and prepare for the little one.  I'd like to return to the industry again someday... but for now I want to focus on being a mom.  I may do a bit of freelance/contract work in my spare time though!

While these are huge life changes, I still intend on being the same ol' Katie and drawing the sorts of things I've always enjoyed drawing.  So thanks to all of you for sticking with me and watching my art...  YOU'RE ALL AWESOME. :heart:
Hey guys!  If any of you are going to attend the Everfree Northwest 2013 convention, I am now open for badge commissions for it.
Pony Badge Commissions by Katie-W

All the information is over on the Everfree forums if you are interested in nabbing a slot!
I'd prefer commission requests be made on the forum, but if that is an issue for you, I can take them here... but please keep in mind commission slots will be updated over there!

Remember... these commissions are ONLY open for those attending the convention.  The badges are meant to be picked up at my table where I'll be sellin' my pony merch.

Hi guys,
I just wanted to put up a TOS, as I may be offering some commissions in the future. Thanks for reading!

By accepting these terms, the customer agrees with all of the following.

Artist's rights
1. I hold the rights to all commissioned artwork unless the customer has purchased these rights. This includes the rights to use and redistribute personal commissions in any way (i.e.- display, prints, graphics, and merchandise). If a commissioner would not like me to use the image that they have purchased, they must discuss this with me upon ordering their work.
2. I have the right to refuse any commission, at any time, for any reason.
3. I have the right to set and change my prices at any time, for any reason.
4. I have the right to add, discontinue, and offer products and services at my discretion. The item or service you want might not always be available to you. The services that I offer vary based on my available time and the products vary according to availability.
5. NO ONE is allowed sell, mass produce, commercialize, redistribute, trace, alter or use my artwork without my express written permission.
6. I have the right to alter these Terms of Service at any time, for any reason.

Customer rights
1. The commissioner has the right to privately and publicly display the art for personal use. It may be posted to blogs and websites, used for personal site graphics, and kept in private folders.
2. The commissioner accepts that they may not publicly display the art without proper credit to the artist provided visibly alongside the work. Credit must be publicly available and easy to find. Please include my name and a link to my work.

What I enjoy drawing
I can't really make a list for this section because I really enjoy drawing all sorts of things. Characters are probably my strongest point and I'm happy to draw all kinds--Humanoid, Alien, Anthro, Animals, etc. I'm also happy to attempt different art styles.
Feel free to discuss your ideas with me, but please try and keep them relatively brief. While I have certain areas that are not my strong points (i.e.- vehicles, complex backgrounds, intense action scenes) I am willing to do my best to try new things as I am always looking to improve.

Will NOT draw
1. Images depicting children or young looking characters in a sexual or compromised manner.
2. Extreme depictions of violence and gore; but I AM fine with some horror-type work.
3. Some fetishes - Inflation, vore, bathroom fetishes, bestiality
NOTE: You may approach me with an idea if you're uncertain if I'll draw it. If I decline, please do not be offended or take it personally.

Know your artist's work
Before commissioning me, please make yourself familiar with my style and my specialties. Go through my gallery and look at my artwork. Be familiar with my strengths and weaknesses. I want to be able to produce a product you are happy with, but if you don't like the work in my gallery, then I may not be the artist for you.

Business Practices
1. Prices will go up or down depending on the complexity of the image being commissioned.
2. In order to keep myself organized and finish my commissions in a timely manner, I offer commission 'slots', which means I will only take an alotted amount of commissions at any one time. If you see that all my slots are filled up, please be patient and wait for them to reopen.
3. My commission slots are first come, first served. I will not hold spots for people.
4. I usually open up for specific types of commissions (i.e.- 1 character image, character busts, traditional or digital pieces, etc.) and will explain what these sorts of commissions will entail or offer. I usually try and show an example of the types of commissions I am offering.
5. I currently have no set schedule for when I will be open for commissions. All I can offer is that folks keep an eye on my journals or for other such announcements of open commissions.

1. I accept Paypal as my main method of payment. Other methods will be considered if your situation demands it. But for all intents and purposes, I accept Paypal ONLY.
2. I ask for full payment up front and will not start on an image until payment is recieved.
3. The cost of your commission includes the Paypal fees.
4. Please mark your payment as 'Services' when paying me through Paypal. I will be refunding any marked "gift".
5. If a commission is to be mailed to a client, shipping and packaging fees will be added depending on size and weight of the item being shipped. Extra fees will be added if the commissioner requests tracking and confirmation on their package.

My grounds for commission refusal and cancellation
1. Belligerent and rude behavior from a customer.
2. Excessive unreasonable requests that continue even after we have discussed them.
3. Failure to pay when payment is due.
4. Failure to understand, agree to, and abide by terms and conditions.
NOTE: These are only examples. I may cancel a commission for a number of reasons, but these are the biggies.

Things to keep in mind when commissioning me
1. You are entering a business pact with me, not a friendship.
2. While I appreciate folks commissioning me multiple times, this does not mean you will get special treatment or reduced prices from me.
3. Please keep interactions to email or elsewhere as specified by me. I will not give out private forms of communication, so please do not ask.

Based on (with permission) Makime 's TOS.

Sakura-Con 2013! I'll be selling STUFF.

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2013, 11:32 AM

Sakura-Con 2013 is coming up!  March 29-31.
I will be sharing a booth with :iconneolucky: in the 'Small Press' area, which is in the Dealers Hall. 
We'll be at Booth  SP03.
This is the stuff that I'll have for sale.  They are ONLY available at the convention.

Since I have been incredibly busy with work & life in general, I will not have a lot of new stuff and most of what I am selling is My Little Pony themed since, well, that's about the only 'fanart' I have!  Still, I hope people will stop on by!

- Celestia & Luna 5x7" prints :  $3 each
- Derpy, DJ Pon3, Zecora mini prints :  $2 each.
- MLP Princess mini prints : $2 each or all 6 for $10!
- MLP Carousel decorations : $5 each or all 6 for $25
- Cute Critter 5x7" prints: $3 for the first one & every 5x7" card you buy after is only $2!
- Charms: $4 each.
- Original framed Art: Prices vary.

Offering 8.5x11 inch sized pencil commissions on cardstock paper.  Prices are set for 1 character.  Limited slots will be open.
Pencil - 1 character bust: $10 to $15
Pencil - 1 character from the thigh-up: $20 to $25
-Printed image references are VERY helpful and sometimes necessary.
-Prices may go UP or DOWN depending on the complexity of the piece.
-I am open for commissions ONLY at the convention!
-Only offering pencil commissions since that's all I have time for.
-I have the right to refuse a commission if I don't have time to do it, or just don't wanna draw it. Sorry, don't take it personally.

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.

My friend is doing commissions! GO LOOK.

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 13, 2013, 10:41 AM

Want to get an adorable and awesome commission that is full of personality?  Please check out :iconempressaurora: 's  journal!……………

She is offering prices that are quite a steal.  So please go check her out... and if you can't afford a commission at this time, at least have a look through her gallery and check out her comic, The Mariposa Revelation.

I do not normally promote people's commissions, but considering she's one of my long time best friend's and her art always puts a big ol' smile on my face, I am more than happy to do so.  I THINK SHE'S THE BEES KNEES AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.

GOLLY, thanks!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 10:53 AM

Thanks to KeinZantezuken for suggesting
Princesses of Night and Day by Katie-W for a DD and thanks to alexandrasalas for making it happen!  It came as a surprise and left me a little overwhelmed with the amount of comments/favs/watches I received.
I'm sorry I can't thank everyone personally... so I'm just going to say THANKS here in this journal.  You guys are awesome and I'm incredibly flattered by all the kind words.

To any new watchers... HELLO.  I hope you'll enjoy the  stuff I post.  I like to draw ALL THE THINGS.  Well, okay, maybe not -all- the things... But I like to think my gallery has a little variety to it.  For the most part, I'm a cartoonist, and I like to draw things that are sickeningly adorable, creepy and freaky, sexy and sultry, stupid and silly... and, uh, yeah.  I like to draw  alot all sorts of stuff.  I pull inspiration from a lot of different things and tend not to always stay on one subject for too long.  I wish I had more time on my hands to do personal work... But I work full time as an artist for a studio that does online games/websites, so it keeps me quite busy.

Anyhoot... Thanks everyone!  I think you're all SWELL.

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.


Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 1:04 AM

Okay, I'm done with uploading artwork that I sold at Everfree Northwest 2012.  Thanks to those that left me kind comments and favorite'd the pieces...  And thanks to those who tolerated the onslaught of MLP stuff.  I'm done and I'm also rather pony'd out.

I don't have much else to say.  Uhhh... um... Here, you can watch my ridiculous Tumblr, where I barely post anything... and when I do, it's mostly just pictures of my rabbits doing rabbity things. --> ... As well as reblogging adorable rabbits.  No I don't have a bunny problem you shut up

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.

oh... name changes

Journal Entry: Wed May 16, 2012, 7:53 PM

Gosh, DA... That would've been helpful 2 years ago when I went to the trouble of moving from OutcastSpace ...   ಠ_ಠ

What?  Oh... no... I'm not bitter or anything.

Really.  We're cool.


Maybe I'll do something with my old OutcastSpace account some day now that we have this name change option... but I dunno what.  HM.  Just a thought.  Don't bother watching the account... I don't understand why that account is still getting watchers??

Also, don't take this journal too seriously.  I'm not having a conniption fit about the name change.  But it is a bit annoying.  ಠ_ಠ

Ask Yarrow

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.

100,000 Kiriban

Journal Entry: Mon May 7, 2012, 5:41 PM

100,000 Kiriban is over and
:star: :iconlocaviscacha: :star:
is the winner! YAY!


One o' these days I'll hit 100,000 pageviews!  So I decided I'll do a little kiriban for when that happens.  What's a kiriban, you ask?!  Just take a looksee here:…
As a thanks for the support, I'd like to play a  little game.

:bulletred:HOW TO PLAY:
-Whomever is FIRST to post a FULL screen shot of my 100,000th page view on this journal will win.  And by 'full' I mean that I would like to see the entire screen.
-Have the date showing on your screen shot.  Bring up your computer's calender,  be on my DA page to show the page view, and then take your screen shot.  I'm asking you to do this to avoid people using pre-edited screen shots.
-Do not send me a note.  You must reply to THIS journal with your screen shot.

:bulletred:What you will win!:
-A bust sketch of a single character of your choice (may be an OC or a character from a show/comic that you like) with some simple flat colors added.

Hope that all makes sense!  As always, thanks for looking at my arts! <3


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 29, 2012, 11:39 AM

Here's silly little rambly journal! *AHEM*

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to comment on anything.  
However, I might like to give a polite suggestion.  I see a lot of comments all over DA that say "That reminds me of ________" and nothing more.  Really, it's not a big deal... People are going to automatically look at something and associate it with something they already know.  That's just how we work.  Also, it's common for artist to borrow from things that inspire them, so it's not a surprise that a lot of things look like a lot of other things and stuff! ..... and.... things.  Yeah.
BUT... I can't help but wonder why someone feels compelled to tell an artist something like that.  What they are trying to accomplish?  When I get comments that are solely telling me that something looks like something else, my first feeling is that they're telling me I'm ripping off something... even if that may not be the case.  Sometimes people just comment without thinking... I know I've done it.  Perhaps not everyone thinks like me when they're told stuff like this.
HOWEVER, When someone says: "I really like this!  It looks neat and blah, blah, blah, it kind of reminds me of _____!"  I find it much more appropriate and I'm all like: "Cool!  Thanks for the comment!"  And then we high five and walk off into the sunset.
If you feel compelled to tell an artist that their art or a character they've created looks like something else, they'd probably appreciate it if you said something other than just that... especially if you actually LIKE what they're doing!  If you're just trolling, then... whatever, man.  Do your thing, I guess.

Again, I'm not telling anyone how to comment on my stuff or how to comment in general.  Just commenting on something that has sort of always confused me.  I know people will continue to make "This reminds me of _____" comments because, as I said, it's common for people to just relate to what we already know and that's fine.  I'm just writing my view on the matter!

In other news, I'm going to go to Emerald City Comic Con on Saturday.  I'll be dressing up as The Hulk and smashing everyone in sight.  Only not really...  You probably won't see me because I'll be dressed as The Invisible Woman.  Only not really... I'll be a very average looking woman floating around and looking at things and you won't see me because it's going to be so damn BUSY.

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 15, 2012, 1:54 PM

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my latest uploads! And thanks for all the comments and favs and watches and... and... STUFF. I'm rather overwhelmed and flattered by all of it.
I wish I could thank everyone personally, but my current schedule doesn't allow me that kind of time... so, here's a big ol' blanket THANKS TO EVERYONE-ONE-one-one!!!

I will probably be doing more bunny themed pieces (bunny bugs!) for sure, as that's just a lot of fun for me.  Also hope to get some original character art out there 'cause that's a lot of fun too... There's just too much I want to draw and too little time to do it.

Don't have too much to say for an update (as usual)... Things have been rather work intensive for me. One thing I'm looking forward to most would be Sakura-Con, 'cause I'll get to see friends that I don't see often! If you're going to that particular con, please stop by me and Neolucky 's table in the small press area... We'll have lots of stuff for sale!


:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.

Commission Auction to Help Neolucky! - DONE!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 1:33 PM

Edit - Nov. 18, 2011.... BIDDING IS DONE!  THE WINNER IS :icondatabank:
Thank you SO much, databank for your extremely, extremely, generous donation.  I'm happy this much could be raised for Neolucky!   Please drop me a note as to what you would like for your prize and let me know how you would like to proceed with the donation!


Many of you probably already watch :iconneolucky: ... She is one of my best friends and has been going through renal failure for some time now and is in need for a kidney transplant.

HELP HOPE LIVE  - her kidney transplant donation page.  I know things are tight for many people, but if you can help just a little bit, that would be great.

You may stop by her journal for more information -…

:below:   :below:   :below:   :below:

In an effort to help her, I am offering an ART AUCTION.  
I don't open for commissions online very often, so this is a rare opportunity for those who might be interested in getting artwork from me.

What I am offering:
-8" x 10" framed, full color, Copic marker commission of a single character... This traditional piece will be mailed to the winner.  Examples: , , , ,

How this works:
-The person who bids the highest by Nov. 18, 2011 will win the commission.
-Reply to this journal with how much you want to bid, and make sure to see what the last bid was so that you bid a higher amount.
-Do not reply to other bidders, please just reply to the journal itself.
-The winner will then donate the final amount to Neolucky's HELP HOPE LIVE page and send both of us a screen shot of their response email to prove that they've properly made a donation... If this doesn't work for someone, we can work it out another way!

When does the bidding end?:
-Starts today (Nov. 11, 2011) and ENDS Nov. 18, 2011.

:star::star::star: GO FORTH AND BID!  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! :star::star::star:
Current highest bidder:
-:icondatabank: - $350
(I will update this as much as I can, but please be sure to check the comments before bidding.)

:above:   :above:   :above:   :above:

Feel free to pass the word around about Neolucky's donation page and this auction!  Let's help her out!

Other notes:
-I work full time as an artist, so the winner must please keep in mind that they will need to be patient with me and it may take me awhile to complete their commission... but I assure you it WILL get done. :)
-I may add more to this as I think of what to add!


Check out the fabulous :iconzetallis: 's journal for a raffle that she and other awesome artists are having to help raise money for Neolucky.  More information here! -->

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Only open for the one above!
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 14, 2010, 12:32 PM

:heart:On 10-10-10, I was married to my boyfriend (now husband!) of 5+ years, Ben.:heart:
Wedding was awesome, and lots of awesome people came. <3  Couldn't have asked for it to go any better than it did.  Needless to say, I'm really happy.

Now things are pretty much back to normal!  I just need to make out all dem dere 'thank you' cards for all the nice people that gave us such generous gifts. <3

~And Halloween is coming up quick.  Hopefully I can make time to draw up some sort of Halloween pic, as is tradition for me.  So many ideas to choose from... HMMMMmmmmm....

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 13, 2010, 1:37 AM

Sunday, April 11th, 2010-- my boyfriend of almost 6 years proposed to me.  
Needless to say, I am quite ECSTATIC.  I could blabber on like an idiot and gush all sappy-like...  But I think I'll keep it short and sweet.  I love him very much and couldn't see myself with anyone else.  <3

We haven't set a date yet, of course, seeing as this was just sprung upon me last weekend. XD

And that's what's new with me!  So forgive me if my head is up in the clouds for awhile, hahaha.

Music that makes you BAAAAAAAAW~

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 25, 2010, 12:41 PM

Yes, that's right.  Music/songs that makes you 'BAAAAAAAAAW'... better known as cry.  Or a piece of music that just makes you feel strongly.  EMOTIONS, and all that jazz.

Here are two songs that always get me a little choked up--
-The Ice Dance - Edward Scissorhands
-Finale - The Dark Crystal
-What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong (edit!  I love this song.  It chokes me up, but in a happy sorta way. ;u; )

Incidentally those first two of my favorite movies as well, and rather touching moments occur in the film when the songs are played.  SOOoooOOOooo... That obviously has something to do with it. *lol*  But I'll often imagine other things to this music, and I still get choked up. =(  But a good kind of choked up.

How's about you guys... You got any songs that touch you? (Not in the bad place)
Also, if you can find a link so that people can easily listen to it, that would be JAWESOME.

Also, if you want to ask me a question, you can go to my FORMSPRIIING.

:bulletpurple:COMMISSIONS:  Not open.
:bulletblue:TRADES: No thank you.
:bulletpurple:REQUESTS:  No.