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Tea Time

By Katie-W
Two "Frankenstein's Monster-like" monster's enjoying some tea!  Claudia belongs to :iconneolucky: and Edmund is mine.  Just an image I'd been wanting to draw for a while!
Also posted on my Tumblr!

Tools: Photoshop

Artwork/Edmund by & © Katie Williamson
Claudia © Neolucky
Do not copy, edit, or distribute this image.
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© 2015 - 2021 Katie-W
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onehitpoint's avatar
Cute x333 ❤❤❤
Kitty-On-Fire-85's avatar
Haha so cool what a little story it tells
MooMinded's avatar
Heheh, both of them look really cute and charming. Love their expressions too! 

Wonder what they're discussing...
DaneBainbridge's avatar
I think Edmund is about to get some major funding for his next experiment. I love the detail, particularly the windows and the chairs.
Rocky-O's avatar
Adorable!!! Just curious, are they at a cafe... where's the teapot? (Sorry, I am obviously wanting tea so badly right now)~ :XD:

I love her hair... and man, the way you drew/designed that window!!! That is one hellova awesome cafe/home <3 Lovely lovely work Katie. I like how you add so much atmosphere to your characters, so simply sophisticated!!
Katie-W's avatar
Nope, they're at Edmund's home!  Thank you so much though, I'm happy you like it!
QuantumCalmness's avatar
What a nice art style! Modern and clean lines but cartoonish and cute at the same time... and such detail, too. Fun to try and imagine the conversation, as well. The guy looks a bit surprised. Maybe she made the tea too strong? Or maybe she just admitted that she gave his lab a makeover while he was out on some errand? She seems to be enjoying his surprise, anyway. XD

Why do you describe them as monsters, though? These characters look like interesting sorts - perhaps both eccentric inventors? - but don't strike me as being monstrous, you know? The style of the window and the furniture puts in mind of the Addams family but really... Even they were remarkably nice people, on the whole. But yes, of course, even monsters should have a nice tea time. =)
Neolucky's avatar
Actually the boy is over here -> Edmund Character Sheet by Katie-W  , and the girl Claudia Reference Sheet by Neolucky  , they are reanimated corpse / Frankenstein monsters teeheeee.
QuantumCalmness's avatar
Aha, thank you. They look lovely and comical. =) I don't know if you've ever heard of the cartoon Count Duckula but... Yeah. I finally figured out, this guy reminds me of that character. Because your Edmund is maybe about how that particular Count would look, if he was human. And an inventor. =F
Neolucky's avatar
Well he's Katie-W s Edmund haha! Oh my gosh count Duckula is the best comparison by far.
QuantumCalmness's avatar
*hugs you* Thank you for knowing who Count Duckula is. =)

*looks to Edmund* Yes, yes. Definitely. Of course, it's mostly in the eyes I suppose... But still. XD
KinchioNin's avatar
You can see the stitches around her neck, maybe that's why they're " "Frankenstein's Monster-like" monster's ", he looks kind of dead as well, and maybe he has stitches too but since most of his body is covered up you can't really tell :p
QuantumCalmness's avatar
Thanks for pointing this out! Guess I hadn't noticed that detail, thought her stitches were just the neckline of her outfit. Makes more sense now. XD
sleepyotter's avatar
nooooooo this turned out so cute!!! I love the amount of detail and color.... so lovely! :> also, you've drawn claudias hair so delightfully poofy, its just satisfying to look at!
zeldageeksince2013's avatar
I love the art style!
tmntlover808's avatar
if this was a good picture i would write something good! well i would never have tea with a science nerd!Five Nights at Freddys 2 - Mangle Foxy 2 -Icon GIF 
tmntlover808's avatar
But its still good! I am a dummy! 
GoldenNocturna's avatar
I like! It looks like the girl is trying to make a deal with the boy.
Saetje's avatar
Oh man, I am going to explode from this cuteness. I really like your lines on this one, such nice subtle thick/thins. Your sense of grapery is always admirable too.
DeadCobra's avatar
CathieArt's avatar
So cute! I love it. :+favlove: :meow:
Digara's avatar
Pinky out, nice and proper.
Neolucky's avatar
It's been so amazing to see this piece grow and evolve as you worked on it. And I can't sayit enough, the black-shadow style just grabs me and keeps my eyes moving around the image without strain! The shapes are strong, but after a moment you start picking out really finite details and the whole image really comes together.

Gosh thank you for including Claudia in this, you've drawn her so perfect and Edmund and her's dynamic is so well presented <3. Love this so much!
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