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Edmund Character Sheet

Okay, this took entirely too long, but here's a character sheet for Edmund.  He started as a silly alternate-universe version of my character Yarrow, but ended up kinda being his own thing.  He's fun to draw and I love corny monstery things.

Also posted on Ye Olde Tumblr

Tools: Photoshop

Artwork/Character by & © Katie Williamson
Please do not copy, edit, or distribute this image.
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© 2015 - 2021 Katie-W
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dummytrio12345's avatar
i thinks very cool
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
//begins quest to find uncensored version because WHY HE SO CUTE
Removable nose version 2cute2poot
Katie-W's avatar
I'm so happy you like him!!!
Sorry, no weenie version. XD
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
...Is it weird to admit I'm actually bummed out by this revelation? ;^;
Muffinz01's avatar
all i gotta say wtf
Katie-W's avatar
Hohohoho. XD  Glad you like 'im.
Love-Addict-Angel's avatar
Chuchaonamae's avatar
ouo - nosebleed - ... o3o
0Abarai0's avatar
... Ok yeah, after staring for a while-
He's super cool. Your style is aWESOME
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
cool character
Achiru-et-al's avatar
HA HAAA!! I love him! He`s cute. AU spawns the most fascinating worlds.
MooMinded's avatar
Great expressions and wonderful design. Also love all the detail on his nude body, the different colored sections and marks/scars are cool to look at!

lol, love the "Now with REMOVABLE NOSE!"part
sleepyotter's avatar
AHHHH I MISSED THIS!!! He's a cutie. CUTIE CORPSE KID. yes he is. love that top right face!
Katie-W's avatar
Yaaaaay, glad you like it!
ShukiAi's avatar
drakered's avatar
Hahaha! Fantastic job. I like the removable nose.  Brings new meaning to 'runny' nose. ;)
sashamya's avatar
He looks les than thrilled by the removable nose, but it made me laugh.

Character sheets foreverrr~
Katie-W's avatar
He's really self conscious of it! Puts it in a glass with cleaner before bed so he has a clean schnoz in the morning.
sashamya's avatar
*raises hand* has anyone ever switched his nose out with something else in a similar prank to dentures and he wears it for a while before he wakes up?
Katie-W's avatar
I'll bet his sister has. That's just too good of an opportunity!
friendshipisfiction's avatar
he got purty hair.. a-hyuk~
Katie-W's avatar
He must use a lot of conditioner!
friendshipisfiction's avatar
and nice detachable features too~ is his hair also removable? i'd like to pet it when he ain't using it~
Katie-W's avatar
Haha, nope!  Only the mechanical arm and the nose are removable prosthetics.
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