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Mages' Sorrow

I know there is a million and one things wrong with this, but I haven't maniped in ages. This is the most time I've ever spent on a piece of work (digitally). I've been sat here since late afternoon and it is now 6.30am! Whoops.

Anyway, she has Fire powers and she doesn't know how to use them properly, she accidently wiped her entire town :( poor thing, haaha. She's sad now.

Pleaaaaase bear with me to the wonderful people who provided the stock as I may be really slow on laying out the credits correctly! There was a lot. A lot a lot of credits. Here goes;


Girl - Sad Eyes VI. by ~burntfaestock :iconburntfaestock:
Hair - Hair Stock PSD files & HairStock III by =Dezzan :icondezzan:
Hands & Cloak - LadyInCloth.Stock01 by *Jessica-Lorraine-Z :iconjessica-lorraine-z:
Feathers - Feathers by ~nightgraue :iconnightgraue:
Eyelashes & Fire - Flames Fire Photoshop Brushes & Eyelashes Photoshop Brushes by ~redheadstock :iconredheadstock:
Fog - Rainstorm Brushes by ~Scully7491 :iconscully7491:
Eyebrows - 29 Eyebrow Photoshop Brushes by ~photoshopweb :iconphotoshopweb:
Desert Background - Yellowstone 17 by ~LiZnReSources :iconliznresources:
Clouds - Storm Sky-Stock-1 by ~Stock-jm :iconstock-jm:
Trees - Dead Tree PNG, Dead Tree 02 PNG by ~gd08 :icongd08:
and Dead Tree 002 by *ISOStock :iconisostock:
Fireballs - Orbs And Fireballs by ~VooDoo4u2nv :iconvoodoo4u2nv:
Debris - Debris Brush Set by ~zigabooooo :iconzigabooooo:

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Abyss-Valkyrie's avatar
OOH!This is sooo pretty!I like the painting-like effect here!
KatiBear's avatar
Thank you so much ! :)
burntfaestock's avatar
Aw. I think it's pretty lovely. Thank you.
HateBunny's avatar
I think this is pretty cool.
But you did ask for critique, so here's a little one:
The blurring is kind of inconsistent (it's probably from blending together a bunch of elements, right?), but that's complicated, and I don't know how you might have improved it.
The one actual suggestion I can give is to brighten the edge of her face on the right of the image. It gets dark too quickly, and looks like it's disappearing. If there's a light coming from her hand, then that whole side of her face should be much brighter.

Anyway I said all that, but I probably couldn't manage to do any of this. So, it's still pretty awesome.
KatiBear's avatar
Thanks! You're right I didn't think about the light coming from her hand and I think you're right about the shadow on the right side. With the blurring that's more personal choice, maybe I went a bit over the top with it though, hah.

I'm definitely going to add some more light to her face from her hand, and try sort out those shadows though, thanks you!