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:bulletblack: Credit me (with a link to the deviation, and my page) in your artist description

:bulletblack: Tell me where you've used my stock, I want to favourite it if I like it.

:bulletblack: If you want a print where my stock has been used, ask my permission first.

:bulletblack: Please do not use any of my images outside of deviantART without my permission first.

That's about it, enjoy :)


*Note: Most of the images that I put here, were not purposly taken for stock, they are left overs of images that I will never use, so I want them to go to a good cause!  Although, I will take requests, depending on what the request is.</sub>

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hi can i use this pattern to the clothes im designing in zepeto (mobile game)

Pattern 024

Hi, can I use this one: Model-044-170157232 in unity asset store for package asset use?

Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Do you allow commercial use like for instance an e-book cover that would sell for $100? The art would be posted here first with all proper credits given to you of course. Thanks!
birbutt's avatar
ooof, would it be alright for birb to used this  Pattern 054 by Katibear-Stock  for part of a character design?
AsukaYagami's avatar
Hi, can I use this one:  Model 011 by Katibear-Stock  for a poster?
Scarry's avatar
I used one of your portrait images as a reference for a sketch that I would like to post to my sketch instagram. Would that be alright? I am going to list your dA name and that I got it here.
ok - new to this....I would like to try your image as a background for one of my newborn images for a client. thank you
6YamiMarik6Lover6's avatar
I've used your stock here: fav.me/d9060ob

Thank you :heart:
riannedeleon's avatar

Permission to use this (katibear-stock.deviantart.com/…) as a bg image for the cover photo of my online store :)
BeautifulBlueSkies's avatar
Hi, I'd like to know if it is okay to use one of your stock patterns for the background for my youtube banner. If not, it's okay.
Katibear-Stock's avatar
Yeah sure, just lemme see it? Would be cool.
BeautifulBlueSkies's avatar

Here it is! The lace pattern works perfectly, since I am pretty girly :3 Thank you for allowing my to use it!
ArkeyDesign's avatar
I would like to use this stock katibear-stock.deviantart.com/… outside of DA to show some retouching I did =)
Is it okay for you?
Katibear-Stock's avatar
Bit late but yeah, as long as I can see it?
peachy-feet's avatar
Hello!  I would like to use your stock in a calendar I'm making for a friend!
vviikkrraanntt's avatar
I used many of your texture as grunge background for my kinetic typography video. youtu.be/GNqOHJIC1iY , this is a low res unlisted video. In the final video, i have added your name in the credits list.  imgur.com/GbfzQRE .After making the whole video did i read your terms and conditions. So before i release the final video at Oct 1st, may i have the permission to use the textures? I will not monetized the video and have credited you at the end.
Katibear-Stock's avatar
I hope you went and did it, it's fine - great video and thanks for crediting :)
vviikkrraanntt's avatar
I did. Here's the final video youtu.be/vbtDbegRNG4 , Thanks for the permission.
SpadeArts's avatar
Can I use katibear-stock.deviantart.com/… outside DA for a commercial project as a BG image? It's for a Non-Profit Organization.
Katibear-Stock's avatar
I'm like 6 months late, but hopefully you managed to get on with that project with or without my stock!
SaroFoto's avatar
Hello, can i use the bulb stockfoto outside of DA, to show it at psd-tutorials for a contest?
Katibear-Stock's avatar
Sorry I'm late, I'm guessing this is irrelevant now but hope your contest went well either way :)
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