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"Kat here. Kicking off the Disney theme with something my husband requested. I remember when I first saw Aladdin in theater back when I was a kid and I was in love with Jasmine… not Aladdin. lol So here she is with some random transparent ish shawl. I really wanted to go with something less “sketchy” this time. Took a lot longer than usual but I’m pretty happy with the outcome. "

Done for Pencil Flex 8/15/2011

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I love that you went with sepia for this one. :)
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How does this not have more comments this is amazing :la:
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jasmine is one awesome disney character
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Oh my gosh. This is absolutely beautiful.
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really well done!!
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Awesome job... on a related, but not, tangent.... nicest princess @ Disney World was "Jasmine", the girl who played here must have spent 5 minutes with my daughter.... she was smiling the whole day. Hope she is still there this October.
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I can show her the world if you know what I mean
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Shining shimmering and splendid. :D
Me too. I'm change different I like Aladdin.
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I love this! this is really beautifully drawn
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Beautiful! I don't know why but she looks very evil in this picture...and I LOVE it. ;-)

However, I'm wondering...did you intend to make her look like a black woman or just a tanned Arabic woman?
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I wanted the lighting to be dim so that the shine from her jewelry and eyes would stand out more. That's the reason the piece, overall, is dark-toned.
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Aggghh I absolutely love the way you drew her here ;A;
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Jasmine is hot.
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My second favorite!
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Love the color and texture! :heart:
Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess!
She looks absolutely stunning! :heart:
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She looks absolutely gorgeous!
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Jasmine is my favorite princess!!!
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Great!!! It´s amazing!
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