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MLP FIM: Celestial Skies

By Kathisofy
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

I'm dead tired. I started this at 11:00pm and finished at 5:30am
I recorded THE WHOLE THING! So this will be a coloring tutorial and a quick draw.
I'm going to bed.
why do I do this to myself!
I suffer for my art!

I failed to mention that it's also wallpaper size. Even though the shading is really messy since I did it half awake, you're free to use it. Unless you have one of those wide screen computers, then it will look stretched out and terrible.
I might fix up the shading later

"Why does she look so sad?"
She regrets all the terrible things she's done.
I was thinking that if I had to banish my sister, I would be heartbroken. I wanted to do a piece based on her banishing Luna.
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shadowdotm's avatar
Really Wonderful!
OptiMario94's avatar
Wonderful!, i love Celestia!
SpectralClandestine1's avatar
So very beautiful! You can see the sadness right there. Such a wonderful job!
BigHearts27's avatar

the shading is very good, the colors are very good and they lend themselves to a somber feeling, artistically speaking. the clouds look bent so that's odd, artistically speaking. the lines are inconsistent artistically speaking. 
KandaHaruka's avatar
The background is gorgeous~
fivenightsatfoxys1's avatar
OMG was it worth it?
MuffinHunterX's avatar
Saw this way back in the day on Ponibooru. Had it as my wallpaper for a long time. Then my hard drive crashed and I lost my entire fanart collection. Took me awhile to track this one down again. I love this piece.
Kathisofy's avatar
aw thanks.  I'm surprised at how many people remember this piece.  Yup, i remember drawing it around the time the grand galloping gala aired.  We've come a long way.  art comes and goes.
Microman6199's avatar
Do you take requests???
Also Very very cool, I Love it
I would've DIED to have this as a poster in my room growing up. Oh forget that, I want one now. :) So beautiful.
Luna-Soresodthe's avatar
A kind of feeling of calm and gentle :D (Big Grin) ,

but it is beautiful. Heart 
lordseth100's avatar
This is really beautiful.
CinnamonSprinkle's avatar
Whoa! I's so beautiful and... and... Oh, I don't have any words to describe this!
Just perfect! But I have a question, what brush do you use?
Teengamer08's avatar
I've been following you for a while but didn't know you were an LDBrony ;) Awesome.

Love this one, by the way.
Kalitu's avatar
You make awesome art then people just go and claim it as their own, You will get justice!
got2lovethatfire's avatar
This was stolen and posted here!: [link]

I reported that deviation and several others in their gallery!

Your beautiful art deserves better than being stolen! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(
Kathisofy's avatar
no worries, my art gets stolen all the time. Thank you for telling me though.
AzurePrane's avatar
Celestia is best Princess. Just sayin'.
iMandarr's avatar
Just to let you know, someone reposted this as their own. :< [link]
Kathisofy's avatar
Thanks. There's so many people that just post things claiming that it's their own. I really don't mind anymore though.
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