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I went dark, yayy.
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Stunning beauty! 
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dark??? ghehe you're still looking like an angel for me :d
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Nice picture, and you are a beautiful woman
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its a beautiful picture. you have such beautiful eyes
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:O How did i miss this pic?! Stunning! You are really attractive! lol Your eyes are captivating!
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Hehe, thank you very much! <3
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i really like this one :)
awesome face and hair colors.
also, perfect choice with the color of the hoody, it's dark to fit the picture, but still adds appropriate color.. great picture!! your eyes also provide a bight pop to the picture, making it standout more!

*end of professional sounding critic.

Basically, the picture is gnarly \m/
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Thank you so much :D I love the "professional sounding critic" :D!
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You look good dark, i wonder what you would look like if you went totally emo for a photo? Interesting. Hmmm, anyway i like how the light centers on your face and gets darker as you move outward.
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Thank you! Hahah, I wonder too :D
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