Katharos-Amaritian Lore

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The Past

In a galaxy far away, there once were two different, yet similar, species that coexisted together for eons.
Parallel species made of elemental magic, the balance of good and evil; the Katharos and Amaritian.
These two species bear the energy of the four elements of nature and possess abilities to manipulate said elements.
Their stellar destiny is to care for the beauty of the Exoginos galaxy. Its planets, stars and moons, its fauna and flora and its mystic energy.

But eventually, the Amaritians evolved! They started growing demonic horns, that got bigger with each generation.
The Katharos started to get scared of their new appearance, and chased them away into the shadows.
Fearing for their lives, the Amaritians started rioting, and riots led to never ending wars that lasted for thousands of years.
But no one seemed to be on the winning end, no matter how hard they fought and how many died.
The governors of both species decided it would be best to live separately, and so the galaxy was divided in half, to each their own.
Since then they have avoided each others' terrains. At least most have...

Katharos Emblem by NeonSR
Emblem of the elemental factions of the Katharos.

The Present

After being separated, the balance of the galaxy broke.

By not having the good, the Amaritians went into a constant state of chaos.
Their planets were run down by criminals for decades until they stabilized again, in a way.

And by not having the evil, the Katharos couldn't see the difference of good and evil anymore.
Now they live in a corrupted society categorized by their skin color.

General Facts

The average height for both species is 185cm, with the adult height interval going from 160 cm to 210 cm; while the average weight is 70 kg.

They can live up to 180-200 human years, all depends on their environment and health conditions.
The oldest ever Katharos reached the age of 222!
With age, their hair grows longer and their magic energy gets stronger.

Aging chart:

0-4 years: toddler
5-18 years: kid
19-39 years: teen
40-148 years: adult
149-200+ years: elder

All individuals in the Exoginos galaxy possess some kind of magic powers.
Each individual is born with the magical essence of one of the four elements of nature: water, air, fire and earth.
Much like us with water, their body is composed of 70% magic essence.
Essentially, their powers come from within their body and their soul.


The Katharos, meaning "pure", are the good side of the galaxy.
They have cool-toned skin color, big ears and just one eye in green or blue, though individuals with white skin tend to have a turquoise eye!

Since the beginning of times, their galaxy has been separated in four regions.
Each region corresponds to a different elemental faction, and only those of the corresponding element live there.
After the separation of the species, the Katharos invented a new hierarchy based on their skin color.

Guide Katharos Skin Color by NeonSR Guide Katharos Hierarchy by NeonSR
Chart applies to similar shades of the same color.

Magic Evolution

The Katharos have stayed loyal to mother nature all those centuries. Only elemental magic; nothing else.
Each faction is allowed to use only their corresponding class of magic; otherwise, they face a 10 year long prison sentence.


The Amaritian, meaning "sin", are the evil side of the galaxy.
They have warm-toned skin color, demon horns and two pitch black eyes. Their horns come in many shapes and sizes.
Unlike with the Katharos, there is absolutely no discrimination on this side of the galaxy.
Everyone is an equal and is treated fairly. Generally, big horns and rare skin colors are considered more attractive.

Guide Amaritian Skin Color by NeonSR
Chart applies to similar shades of the same color.


Fashion has become a big industry on this side of the galaxy.
Everyone is rocking trendy outfits, constantly on the lookout for what’s in or out.
There are two fashion trends that have withstanded through centuries, and those are light hair and contact lenses.

But setting the good things aside, the Amaritians have a very serious issue with crime.
Chaos runs in the streets, but don’t be afraid; very few get hurt. Weapons are illegal, so most of the crimes are just theft or vandalism.

Magic Evolution

The Amaritians’ new technologies have helped them develop lots and lots of new magic types, both natural and artificial.
Fortune telling has become one of the most popular kinds.
From tarot and card reading, to chiromancy (palm reading) and crystal-gazing, you can find at least one shop or stand at every location.

On the other hand, black magic has become a big thing as well.
This one is created from the dark forces of each individual; the evil side of their souls.
It can also be produced using corrupted crystals, which are magic crystals that were formed in contaminated soil.


Hybrids form at least a 25% of the total population of both species, and reside within Amaritian territory.

Evolution Hybrids

These are Katharos individuals that served as spies to the Amaritians during the war.
Their final form depends on who they sided with after: those who stayed with the Katharos remained the same,
but those who stayed with the Amaritians grew horns; some even have a black pupil.

Offspring Hybrids

These are the offsprings of “forbidden love”; the child of two individuals from different species.
They all have horns, big ears and three eyes. Their skin color is often one of the parents’ or a mix of both!

Katharos Rebels

The group named as “The Rebels” are those peasant (and some low class) Katharos who turned their backs on their own people.
Their reason to rebel? The extremist racist mentality of their own species. Not only upon them as peasants, but upon the Amaritians as well.

Most of them reside in forgotten and unnamed satellites at the very end of the Katharos territory,
near the frontier that separates both species; while a few of the brave ones have moved into the forbidden lands.
Being so close to the Amaritians, they have adapted some of their cultural aspects, like fashion and non-elemental magic.

Skin by UszatyArbuz

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