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TAGs of Avalon: Angels in Swimsuits

Fanservice! ...I'm so sorry (I'm not really sorry, no Meow :3 ).

Once more from my current RPG campaign, set in (a future AU of) the setting of the Infinity tabletop wargame by Corvus Belli (see "TAGs of Avalon: Angels of Stone" for some more info).

As seen in episode 14, "Angels of Summer".

If you'd like to know more about TAGs of Avalon, you can read dramatized reports from our RPG sessions over here:…
or here:…

Infinity belongs to Corvus Belli, of course.
Kisekae belongs to Pochikou, who very graciously makes it available for use free of charge.
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whoa, whoa! you play Infinity tabletop?  XO awesome! never thought i'd find someone also into it on DA. 

Love the swimsuits btw X3 yay fanservice!
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Well, see, the thing is, I don't play it. Sweating a little... 
I did, for some time, but gave up on it some years ago.
For various reasons, starting with not having anyone to play with that didn't require long travel
that I can't really afford, money and time wise, through growing increasingly disappointed
and frustrated with the rules, and ending with simply sucking at this kind of game in general.

So I don't play, or even like, the tabletop Infinity game anymore. But I still love the setting and fluff
(and minis). And I'm running an RPG campaign set there.

And happy you like this little bit of fanservice! Wink/Razz 

So, what's you faction? I'm a Nomad cat-boy... Wink/Razz 
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Pan-Oceania, Teutonic Order Knight-magister's my role XD, my character was a bit of a knowledge-addict and an asshole to his team, particularly the knight-sergeants. Either that or one of those Chinese Yuu-Jing assassins, it's been a few years though so it's a bit woozy in my mind when it comes to the infinity section.

Same here really, I used to have about a handful of people I'd play it with but we all more or less split up after highschool. The setting is awesome, I just adore how unique it is for an era where a lot of sci-fi is sadly copy-paste from either 40k, Star-Trek or Star-Wars, it does a lot of things right. 

We all sucked together however, and after a while we basically remodelled it with just the setting and miniatures and made it a tabletop RPG. How exactly does yours work? I'm quite curious
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PanO! My mortal enemy! Wink/Razz 

Our Infinity RPG game is very storytelling heavy, and rules light. It's only me, running the game, and one player as the main character.
I tell him what happens, he tells me what he wants to do, and we basically collaboratively create a story. TAG-Soft matches are
the only time where the "game" part really comes in, as the team members and equipment have stats, and we play out a match with
a mechanic I put together, based on D6 rolls and tactical options the team captains choose.

If you have time and want to know more about the story, TAG-Soft, and what we had happen in the setting 28 years after the time frame
described in the tabletop game, I recommend you follow one of the links in the description and give it a read. The first few episodes start
kinda rough but then we hit our stride, and it's basically a fanfic now, with dialog and everything, written up from our game. 
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I'll definietly give it a look, if there are TAGs involved and set in the unique gem of awesome that is Infinity it's bound to be cool! ^^
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Well, I hope you'll enjoy it. Be warned, though, it's mostly a slice-of-life high-school anime. Wink/Razz 
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