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TMNT-Healing Touch (Alternative Version)
It was cold and rainy when the frantic knocking came from April O'Neil's window. It was the dead of night and the red head froze from fear. Was it The Kraang? The Foot Clan? Had one of them found her?
After a moment of the frantic knocking, April got the guts to get up and grab the baseball bat from underneath her bed. She crept to the glass, waiting for it to be plowed in. For bots to be crashing through or ninjas to attack her from every direction. But nothing came. Only the sound of knocking continued.
April glanced through the glass and gasped. She opened the window and Donatello came crashing into her room. She shut the window before too much water could get in and locked it, drawing the curtains. She turned to her best friend and let her eyes adjust in the darkness.
Donatello was dripping wet with mud and cuts all over his body. His eyes were closed and he seemed flushed. She bent beside him and ran her fingers over his skin. The ninja opened his eyes and let out a groan.
:iconflashyfashionfraud:FlashyFashionFraud 125 133
Something tickled April's conscious and slapped her out of the dream world. Did she have to go to the bathroom? No...that wasn't it. She blinked sleepily and wiped at the river of drool that escaped her lips and turned over in her bed.
The red head closed her eyes and willed herself to go back to sleep. She had been having a pleasant dream, too...but the longer she stayed awake the more she honestly forgot what it had been about.
The teenager tossed a few more times before sighing and kicked the covers off. She glanced over at the alarm clock on the make shift nightstand in her bedroom in the sewers and had to stop herself from groaning. It was only five in the morning. On a Saturday. Life was cruel.
April sat up and rubbed at her eyes. Well, if she couldn't get back to sleep, she might as well find something to do. She opened her door and peered into the dark hallway. She slid through the opening and clicked it shut gently, not wanting to wake her mutant friends who had had a long nig
:iconflashyfashionfraud:FlashyFashionFraud 97 60
ROTG Fanfic #4: Birthday Ch. 2
Chapter 2
When I woke up on Christmas day, I was greeted by the smell of food. Good food. My mouth immediately started to water. Despite everything, Bunny could cook. I made my way to the kitchen and was immediately pulled into a huge bear-hug. Or would it be a bunny-hug?
"Woah! Bunny! Can't breathe!" I exclaimed, startled.
"Happy Christmas and a happy birthday to ya, Jackie-boy! I've got your favorite breakfast set out for ya." Bunny said, leading me to the table. I was dumbstruck.
But he wasn't lying. My favorite breakfast, banana pancakes with sausage and egg mixed together, was laid out on the table. With a smile, I thanked the big fluff ball and dug in. Then, Bunny surprised me again. He set down a glass of what I thought was iced chocolate. But when I took a sip, my eyes went wide.
"No way! You're letting me have iced coffee?!" I said, my smile growing so much it hurt my face.
"Yep. It's your birthday and you deserve a treat." He said, smirking and r
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ROTG Fanfic # 4: Birthday Ch. 1
Chapter 1
Jack's actin' pretty strange.

The same thought ran through my mind all day as I watched the winter spirit shuffle around, making random frost patterns on the ground. This was strange, it was the middle of December and he should've been rather bubbly like he always was. It hadn't been quite cold enough for Jack to visit Jamie, Mother Nature must be going through hot flashes, so maybe that's why he was so down? No, couldn't be. He had a ton of other places to freeze. Yet he was just moping around my warren today (yes, I let him stay with me, I felt sorry for him being alone on that lake of his). I had to figure out what was wrong.
"Oy, Frostbite, c'mere." I called, beckoning with a paw.
"'S'up?" Jack asked when he got close.
"Alright, Snowflake, what's eatin' ya?"
"Hm? Oh, nothing' really. Just don't feel like doing anything today." Jack didn't meet my gaze.
"Why?" I persisted, putting a paw on his shoulder when he turned to
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TMNT-Healing Touch
The rain whipped at April O'Neil's face as she and her best friend dashed over roof tops to escape from the wrath of the Kraang bots after them. They had been in a chase after the five of them had taken back the power cell and had all split to keep the Kraang busy. She and Donatello had lost the others blocks ago and they weren't even sure if they were being followed. But they didn't exactly want to slow down to find out.
April's apartment came into view and the red head had to will herself to keep going. Donatello swept her up in his arms and they flew across the way and went crashing through the unlocked window. The rain poured in, soaking the carpet. April stood up and shut the windows, locking them and drew the blinds with shaky arms. That had been way too close for comfort, she hoped that no one had seen them enter the building.
April turned to come face to face with Donatello. He had a look of worry in his eyes and she placed a hand on his arm. "It's okay. My aunt's gone for the
:iconflashyfashionfraud:FlashyFashionFraud 164 207
TMNT: One Small Turtle: Meets Leatherhead
this is part of my AU
“Michelangelo, they just left,” Splinter said to his six-year-old son.
“But I want to be here when they get back,” Mikey said shifting from one foot to the other.
Splinter smiled and then bent down to pick up the small turtle, “how about we go for a walk?”
“Yeah!” Mikey smiled. His father never took his out for walks in the sewers, “wanna go some place new!”
“Michelangelo, don’t go too far ahead,” Splinter said.
“I won’t daddy! I promise!” Mikey called over his shoulder.
Splinter watched as Mikey jumped from puddle to puddle. He smiled, Mikey had brought such joy to the lives. He was always smiling and making them laugh without even trying. This three oldest sons became very protective of their little brother. Splinter enjoyed is rare moment alone with Michelangelo. There was never a dull moment with Mikey around.
“Daddy look!” Mikey call
:iconculinary-alchemist:Culinary-Alchemist 159 80
TMNT: One Small Turtle: Red Raph
part of my AU (some violence...but I dunno if it needs to be take this as your warning.....if you think I should rate this please tell me.....
“Mikey!” Raph called, “time to go!”  It was Raph’s turn to make sure Mikey had the sewer tunnels and ways memorized.
“Coming!” Mikey said running up to his brother.
“Okay Little Ninja, today is your big test. I’m going to take you out a little ways and you will lead us home okay?”
Mikey nodded. “Can do!”
“Good now let’s go!”
Raph lead Mikey nearly thirty minutes away. This was Mikey’s first time this way be he had to learn to mark his way home, in a way no one would know.  It was nice trip, Raph was telling Mikey stories about when Leo, Donnie, and himself were younger.
Mikey pulled at Raph’s hand, “Raphie I---”
Raph held a finger to his lips, the look on his face told Mikey he heard it too. The pair looked a
:iconculinary-alchemist:Culinary-Alchemist 131 75
TMNT: One Small Turtle: Space Heroes
A/N: inspire by art, please read description. This is part of my AU
-3:00 am-
Mikey could not sleep, after going potty Mikey went to watch some television quietly. Leo could hear the TV. He was in charge since Splinter too a retreat to that far side of New York’s sewers for some relaxation and meditation. Leo got up to see who could possibly be up at three in the morning on a non practice day. Leo yawned and walked half asleep to the couch surprised to see his five-year-old brother sitting on the couch watching TV.
“Mikey why are you up at three in the morning?” Leo yawned as he sat down.
“Can’t sleep,” he said, “why you up?”
Leo laughed “because I heard the TV on.”
“Well it just me,” Mikey smiled.
“Well what is on?” Leo asked pulling Mikey into his lap.
“Some space show I never heard of,” Mikey said.
“Now back to the all day marathon of Space Heros!”
“Wow I have s
:iconculinary-alchemist:Culinary-Alchemist 116 70
Loki by Furby0305 Loki :iconfurby0305:Furby0305 1,299 94
Magical Mischief: Part Two
*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*
Alfred heard the words from someone. It sounded as if his brother was calling him but it seemed too far away. He stopped reaching his hand toward the flame half way, and the flame in the gas flashed blue and orange. Alfred suddenly blinked the connection broken and he looked confused for a moment seeing his own hand in front of him reaching for the flame, but he wasn't sure of what was happening. The flame rose higher for a moment and the curse was trying to reach the child. Alfred had thought he heard the one that had called it forth.
England did not get a response from the child, and the only thing he could do was stop the trance, because clearly the child was not in the right state. He raised his hands in the air, and walked forward. Closing his eyes, he spoke in Latin chant.
"Ego imperium haec praecantatio ut finis ad semel! Flamma esse abiit."
:iconcherry82:Cherry82 84 69
Magical Mischief: Part One
*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*
England sat on the couch in the library. For the greater portion of the morning, him and little Alfred were reading stories and learning about certain things the boy would have to know about his future as an older nation. Arthur looked down at Alfred. The boy asked a question a moment ago, and wanted to know about chants. He had managed to find out some secrets about his older brother, and his magical past. He also knew about his brother being a pirate, having seen pictures hidden away in Arthur's study.
Slightly scratching the side of his head, England tried to see his way around it, because he really did not want to get involved into curses with the little boy. Arthur's days of being a pirate were not to be relived, and the chants and curses…those were to be buried as well. He cleared his throat and responded to the child's question.
"Uh Alfred...
:iconcherry82:Cherry82 94 26
Untitled MPaS fanart by Shanks-kun Untitled MPaS fanart :iconshanks-kun:Shanks-kun 143 702
Romano's Turtle Travesty
*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*
Little Spain was playing in his room. He had acquired some brand new pet turtles that his father allowed him to have, but they needed to stay in their tank, otherwise the boy would have them taken away. Antonio watched as the little green creatures would swim around the tank, and eat little bits of food. He giggled, and smiled, waving at his new little friends. There were four turtles in all, and the boy would need to work on the names. This needed some serious thought, and he thought the one person that was smart enough, and he looked up to so much was his father. His eyes lit up, and bidding goodbye to his friends for the moment.
He walked out of his bedroom, and ran down the hallway, and down the steps. His father, Romano was in the drawing room, sitting on the couch. He was on the phone speaking with some other nation, and was deep in talk. Running f
:iconcherry82:Cherry82 69 21
Cake and Training
*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*
In was late in the morning, and little Austria was sweeping the hallways. His Papa, Mister Italy was down in the parlor, creating some beautiful works of art, and even though the nation had wait staff to clean up the areas, he wanted to teach his little one responsibility, so Austria was giving the job of sweeping. The little one swished the broom, making noises while he did so. He was decked out in a little purple frock, and a white apron, alongside a little bandana on his head, to keep the dust and grime from getting in his hair. He had seen the chamber maids, and what they wear, so he had one of them help him.
Italy was down in the South wing of the mansion, painting some pictures, and enjoying himself. Knowing his little one was always well behaved, he did not have to worry about a thing. He hadn't had any plans set for the day, though sometimes Holy
:iconcherry82:Cherry82 135 59
Principal with a Mouth by Arkham-Insanity Principal with a Mouth :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 364 63
Sonic and Sonia's Father and Daughter Tickle
One night, in the city of Portal, in the living room of Castle Acorn, the royal family was watching a night time movie on the television.  It mustn't have been a very exciting movie for the prince, Manik, because by the time it had finished, he was already fast asleep on his mother, Queen Sally's, lap.  The princess, Sonia, on the other hand, was like full of energy after that movie, and didn't feel a bit sleepy.
King Sonic reached out and stroked his son's head.  "I think this little one needs to be put to bed, Honey," he told his wife.
With those words, the Queen got up from the couch and carried the young hedgehog to the royal twins' bedroom.
"Come on, Sonia," Sally called to her daughter as she left the room with Manik.  "It's your bedtime, too."
"But I'm not tired!" Sonia complained.  "You don't want me running around all night, do you?"
Sonia clutched onto her father.  "Please don't let me go to bed now, Daddy!"
Sonic fe
:icondreamman001:Dreamman001 50 31




Katie Cantrell
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I am sort of nutty and I love reading and drawing and making up stories. I am really into fantasy fan fiction, and love to make up my own characters for books that I have read that I like.


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