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PKMN Rebirth fanart: Spoily spoily

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Published: October 28, 2012
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"They took my humanity... I'LL TAKE THEIR LIVES!"

Yep. James is a werewolf (at least in Caat's Pokemon Rebirth: Ultimatum, final version currently in progress... and no, I don't have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with actually making Ultimatum, I'm just a fan, so don't go asking me how the project's coming along or anything. I'm as clueless as you guys are.) He doesn't actually say that line in Ultimatum, but that's partially because his Houndoom form has the mind of a Houndoom and can't speak English.

Due to James being forced to undergo a series of experimental injections by Team Rocket if he expects to get anything to eat whatsoever, "Houndoomed" James now roams the company headquarters at night, gorging himself in the cafeteria and biting everybody who's been mean to him. Human James, of course, has no idea any of this is happening, just that he's really tired in the morning and has a horrible stomachache. (And he probably has the taste of burnt hairspray in his mouth, because Jessie woke up that same morning with scars on her face and half her hair singed off. Shouldn't have snubbed the latest lab Raticate so badly, now, should she?)

Contrary to the quote I made up, James doesn't actually kill anyone, but he certainly causes more trouble than the experiment was actually worth, eventually showing down against the very scientists that made him this way. In fact, they capture him in his human form, lock him up in preparation to do some "studies" on him (you can tell already that's a bad sign), and soon realize that they hadn't factored in on the cage holding down James as a Houndoom, because guess what? Getting him angry triggers the transformation. (At this point in the story, I was really, REALLY hoping that mindless-brute-hellhound James really would eat them all, but that's not the kind of story Rebirth is, so unfortunately they all survived. But I'll bet those burns aren't going to stop hurting anytime soon.)

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