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A little 'realistic' watercolor of Saria and her fairy.   This is for my friend Susie who loves Zelda <3
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Gorgeous colours! I love the brightness of the green :)
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Adorable. I love the nice colors and all the details there. ^_^ :star: :heart:
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Glad to see your artwork is still as good as your singing!
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It's amazing! :love:
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So pretty!  What ever happened to that LoZ cover series you were going to do?  Zelda's Lullaby is great, but there's more than one great song in the Zelda universe.
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Thank you!

Ah...that's a simple question with a pretty complex answer:
I've been so ill voice-wise these last few years.  I took that year off because of the vocal cord nodules, and did the instrumental album, but then I did a kickstarter to fund the physical copies of those albums (in which some of the rewards were covers) so I have about 11 covers to do in the aftermath of the kickstarter.  Then my voice started to get really bad again, so I went into the doctor.  He said everything was really inflamed in there.   We've been trying many remedies both homeopathic and prescription to see if anything helps, but so far we haven't found the answer.  It's beginning to look like it is auto-immune - my body's reaction to chemicals and other bad things in the apartment I live in is attacking parts of me.  So we are going to try and do a move later this year to a new home, which hopefully will help.   After I'm better, I will have to first finish those 11 kickstarter pieces, and then I can finally move onto the three album projects I am planning (zelda album included!).  ^w^;   It's been a tough few years for me emotionally and artistically.   If my voice doesn't come back I don't know what I will do.  I'm trying not to think about it ^w^;
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I know that there has been some time since you wrote this comment, but I hope you`re better now. :hug:
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I had no idea you were having those problems, Kate!  I hope you've been steaming, gargling with salt water and all that jazz.  I'm sending you healing thoughts.
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:hug: There there, Kate.  I'm going through a tough time right now too.  Thesis, finals AND planning for the summer, all at the same time, and my teachers won't let up on me.
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friggin amazing use of the watercolours, jealouuus
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