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Owl Mask
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Wonderful! Mystery and Mystique, a regal beauty!
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its a self-portrait? :D
Leshie-Leshie's avatar
I saw this in Erutan's video For The Dancing And The Dreaming. 
xEmoMuffinx's avatar
Ooh I recognise this from your music video!
Leshie-Leshie's avatar
Me too :la:
is it For The Dancing And The Dreaming? 
Stitchpunk89's avatar
Love it! 💛💛💛💛
Maybeimalion7's avatar
Looks like someone ... ;-)
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BrokenRoses92's avatar
This is so pretty.
It feels almost delicate to me.
Cziiczi's avatar
Very nice, I really like the details and the technique :) 
Rainbow--Ferret's avatar
Aww this is so cute. I love her and I love your style (Ironically I've literally just put a playlist of your music on), it helps me relax when I'm stressing, so a personal thanks from me. I hope to see more of your beautiful artwork ^_^
katethegreat19's avatar
Ahh! Thank you so much for listening to my music!  @_@  
Rainbow--Ferret's avatar
No worries ^_^ I really need to see about buying your new album since I love the first and have loved the majority of your covers so far ^_^ I actually did fanart for Willow Maid a little while back: The Willow Maid by Rainbow--Ferret  I don't know if you ever saw it or not, but I wop you like it ^_^;;
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