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it's a disney villianess fighting game!
this is what happens when i get bored. anyway, i feel like having a disney villianess fighting game would be sweet. i started realizing that there aren't as many evil women as there are evil men, so i had to snatch a few from the non-mainstream disney films (and pixar). i also altered their costumes slightly. i also discovered that disney associates red lipstick with evil women, haha.

the characters (top to bottom, left to right)
mirage - the incredibles. she isn't fully evil, so i had to make up a villianess costume and assume this is how she would have been before she met mr. incredible
zira - the lion king 2
madame medusa - the rescuers
queen of hearts - alice in wonderland
queen grimhilde - snow white
madame mim - the sword in the stone
the wicked stepsisters - cinderella. i thought they could be like zappa from guilty gear. 2 girls possesing one body.
maleficent - sleeping beauty
cruella de vil - 101 dalmations
ursula - the little mermaid

like i said, just something i did for fun. no it isn't a real game :)
all characters © disney
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Magical Maleficent 🙂