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Gold Medal Winning Leopard Cake

Gold Medal Winning Leopard Cake.
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Nov 3, 2011, 12:11:32 PM
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CaoimheMorana's avatar
This cake is so well done! I wouldn't ant to ruin it by eating it!
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SeiaraL's avatar
Wow. This is truely amazing! I can't even tell if it's a cake or not. That's the real art of it:D
SpiritWolf101's avatar
That is not a cake! Wholly crap! I would have the heart to eat that!
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
That is seriously a cake? mind boggling this is
KatesKakes's avatar
It seriously is x
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
If I ever become famous from my books and had to get a cake for a celebration of it, I would have to remember about you :D What better cake to have than a cake of a character of the book, right? :D

Actually now I am wondering. How much would that Leopard sell for. Because I saw a pic of a cake that was said to be a $3,000 cake, but yours looks 1000X much better.
KatesKakes's avatar
I doubt I'd ever charge anyone $3000 for a cake. That's obscene!!!! I'm actually really bad at billing people properly: I love doing it so much that I feel really guilty about asking for money for them.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Yeah that is what I thought. and the cake did not look that great ether.
So you don't do these cakes as a profession, but rather as hobby? since if you don't bill people "properly" you can't make a living off it.
Eniell's avatar
Just one thing...
can you actually eat that cake? XD
What´s on the inside? Just marzipan/almond paste?
KatesKakes's avatar
Vanilla sponge cake!
gertygetsgangster's avatar
Beautiful work! xXx
Olqa86's avatar
god ! how did You manage to make it ?? a big WOW
KatesKakes's avatar
It was a mammoth effort!
ArtmasterRich's avatar
This is the first time I've seen cake that looks like it wants to eat me instead! Also...THIS IS CAKE?!
KatesKakes's avatar
ArtmasterRich's avatar
*Head Explosion*
LP4eva's avatar
^This. Just this. :la:
Bearkata's avatar
Wow, simply stunning work! :3 I just love the way you painted the fur on the leopard, as well as all the other little details. Fantastic job, my dear! C:
I must ask, however did you carve the leopard? Is it all cake, or did you use rice treats or something for certain parts of it?
KatesKakes's avatar
The cake is sculpted, then covered in fondant, the texture is carved into the fondant then the colours are airbrushed on. What are rice treats? I've never heard of them. There are some supports in there too.
Bearkata's avatar
By "rice treats" I just mean "Rice Crispy treats", the stuff made from marshmallows and Rice Crispy cereal that a lot of cake artists use for extra support. Sorry; I'm used to calling them that for short. ^^
Very cool. :3 Congratulations on your well-earned gold medal!
I also noticed that you got a DD the other day; big congrats on that as well. :3 Your cakes are all fantastic.
KatesKakes's avatar
Do you know what, I'm a bit unfamiliar with the accepted practices in cake baking. I've never heard of rice crispy cakes being used, but I'm definitely going to have to try that trick one day! Thank you for teaching me something new.... mmmmm rocky road cake.....
lmp92's avatar
Wow! This is wonderful. It's so realistic. You really did an amazing job on this. :jawdrop:
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