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Spring Bunny

7 x 5 pastels ,
original and prints available
my website :
Happy Easter :heart:
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That's the loveliest, furball-looking pink bunny I've ever seen :D
Katerina-Art's avatar
thats so sweet thank YOU :heart:
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impressive, nice work...:heart:
Katerina-Art's avatar
thanks skot so much :heart:
caddman's avatar
You're very welcome dear friend Hug
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Very sweet! :heart:!!

  Baby Egg by Mini-Umbrella Easter Egg Basket by Mini-Umbrella Bunny Emoji - (Hnng Heart Kawaii) [PMotes] by Jerikuto Easter Egg Basket by Mini-Umbrella Baby Egg by Mini-Umbrella

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thank YOU so much Linda happy easter i love your bunny and easter stickers so cute :heart: :heart:
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Aww thank you, Katerina :aww:!! :heart:!!
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Beautiful work Kat! Love the colors. Hope you have a blessed Easter. Avatar: Christian Cross Colors by FantasyStockAvatars
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hi carol hugs happy easter to you and your family too thank YOU so much :heart: :heart:
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Beautiful!! Happy Easter! :heart:
Katerina-Art's avatar
thank YOU so much Gnewi happy easter to you to :heart:
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Beautiful, sweetie! I love bunnies!

Oh, and you'll be pleased to know that I've finally started watching 'Game of Thrones'! I've only seen the first two episodes but I'm already hooked! :D
Katerina-Art's avatar
yay !! i knew you would like it ;) :heart: isnt jon snow the best? ..LOL i can go on and on...
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Yes, he is. I think that barbarian man is quite tasty too, who the beautiful blond girl was forced to marry. I am sure I'll get more familiar with all the names as time goes on. :D I'm guessing that one of those dragon eggs are going to hatch because I've seen lots of fan art of the blond girl with a dragon. :D You probably find it amusing how little I know when you're so familiar with the show. ;) I always seem to come (years) late to TV shows but I guess that's the problem with not owning a TV! I have to watch everything on DVD.  :D
Katerina-Art's avatar
DVD are cool too!!  :) yes poor khaleesi had to marry khal drogo , you have to wait
when the season ends and how he ends up ,
yep without saying too much but like you say you have seen so much fanart
there are dragons , this show is fantsay based it has bit of everything
im thinking by now you may have seen the white walkers they appeared first episode and
scene !
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
We've (me and hubby) watched the first five chapters now. Oh, I hope Sean Bean's character doesn't die! (though don't tell me!). If he does, poor old Sean Bean seems to die in everything!! Khalessi's brother is a git though so I won't mind if he dies! I'm really loving the show and it's great to know that I have so many episodes ahead of me!! How many seasons has there been so far?

Yes, the white walkers were very scary in the first episode.

I'm also intrigued to know who Jon Snow's mum is! :excited:
Katerina-Art's avatar
oh tara , i wont say a word but hold on lots will happen so far 7 seasons aired the final 8 season will be aired next year hopefully after the holidays :)
i cant wait to see how it
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Sean Bean got his head chopped off! :cries: He dies in everything! :cries:

We've just started season 2 and I'm delighted to see the dragons! I have quite a crush on Ian Glen's character (can't remember his character's name). I think he is in love with Kalessi (spelt wrong!). I hope he doesn't die too!! It was sad that Drogo died and Kalessi's baby.

That Geoffrey is a bas*ard! Grrrrrrr! Poor Sansa. There's so much happening! So many characters. Although he is a Lannister, I do like the Imp (can't remember his name either!). I don't think he is as bad as the rest of his family.

But yeah, we're really enjoying it and will probably have seen all 7 series by the time the last series airs.
Katerina-Art's avatar
I know sean beans death was so surprising and un-expected !! most fans who havent read the books
were well prepare because a lot of these will be going on
but i can tell you Ian who portrays Ser Jorah mormont is still around so thats good news for
and yes i think so too he is so in love with khaleesi keep watching more goes on ....

yes joffrey is so bad and sansa was so manipulated by the lannisters and now she is captive there
keep watching...
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