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Fiachra in Repose

My rarely drawn, (much less painted) femme gryphon character. Critique is welcome.

You can see some wips here if interested: [link]
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Ooooooh. She needs to be drawn (and painted) a lot more often.
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"Draw me like one of your French griffins."
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He looks so natural.
Very nice.
Silkkat's avatar
This is beautiful! Love this so much
A person could easily mistake that for a real photograph from a distance. Or from two feet away from the computer screen.
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When I saw the preview image I thought it was real :O
Art-by-Eos's avatar
If you did this without staring at a cat sunbathing you're even more amazing.
KatePfeilschiefter's avatar
lol I didn't, but now that you mention it I probably was subconsciously thinking of it
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Very beautiful work (: it's so amazing!
Ninja-JOKER's avatar
ahh so beautiful and calm
Entomologia's avatar
Great pose, lovely character design, incredible background - I really like it.
Ladymoonraven's avatar
Excellent detailing! The work on the whisps paid off ;) A beautiful piece of art!
pattyvonneDGM07's avatar
I ♥ the feathers~!!!
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That is just fantastic! How realistic and beautiful! I love the shadowing and, and it's like I could feel the texture of the branch!
LeccathuFurvicael's avatar
Oh wow, the natural tones in this image has me floored! I am really adoring the muted atmosphere and the texture of the various surfaces. I also don't see granular scales depicted often, and to see them on those feet really makes me excited! This is the sort of color use I would love to implement into my own work, but we'll see. This image is an inspiration!

Keep up the beautiful work, and thank you so much for sharing this with us! :heart:
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wow this is amazing, it looks like a photograph
SaberSkittlesWolf's avatar
It looks so real i can grab it :D
DragonLegend13's avatar
S/he looks amazing! It's so realistic! Well done:)
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This is beautiful. It looks real!
graphiteforlunch's avatar
From the thumbnail it looked like you had managed to go to an alternate reality and take a photo of a gryphon! This is definitely one of the most realistic gryphon images I've seen. It's enough to fool the eye- everything is perfect. The lighting is believable and the textures are scrumptious!
zombieheadmeg's avatar
OoO wonderful! i love the fact u were able to create something so unique!
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Aaaww, she's wonderful..
I love your technique and the colors. The fethers and the cliff.
This will be one of my favourite :3
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