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Egyptian Goddess - Wadjet. For Pathfinder Adventure Path 80 "Empty Graves" (Mummy's Mask 2 of 6), Paizo Publishing.
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This goddess Wadjet & the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl are quite similar as they are both winged serpents & snakes are seen quite often in mythology like Medusa, the Hydra & Serporpard.

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Is this for sale as a print?
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Kind of reminds Me of the Quetzalcoatl. With the feathers and the snake head.
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Wow! She looks absolutely fantasssssstic!:)
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LOve the feathers! She is not a goddess you see depicted often.
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You know, one of the things I really appreciate about Ancient Egypt is that snakes could be good or bad, as opposed to just bad.  Like Wadjet here, who was the protector of the pharaoh.
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Wadjet was also the representative of lower Egypt whilst her sister represented upper Egypt together they represent the pharaoh's overall rule of the entire country. she unlike her sister is actually considered a more violent deity but she did save Horus and Isis protecting them from Set hiding them in the delta this ultimately showed her good and matronly side instead of the wrathful goddess that had to be tricked to prevent the human race being whipped out entirely. (She is my favourite Egyptian goddess this image rely works the colours make her look stunning.)
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Absolutely Stunning!
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Ah, beautiful work! I'm in love with the feathers and the fabric texture.
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The ultimate butter face
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I find her pretty! :)
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Анубис ... тайм фо вiздом ... [спасибо за внимание к этой теме]
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:) смешно! Я сама благодарна разработчикам игры за внимание к этой теме, не хватает чего-то такого, чтобы разнообразить фэнтези мир.
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понял ... [ ... думаю, ещё не раз поднимут пантеон египетский, как основную тему .. было бы здорово увидеть запредельный по графике проект, не сталкивался ещё с уровнем голливудского CGI в играх]
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very beautiful. i like it very much 
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thanks! I'm glad you like it :)
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