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Last stand

By KateMaxpaint
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Illustration for Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Unleashed by Paizo Publishing, 2013.
This is the fight of goddess Iomedae with the powerful morgh king Erum-Hel.
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Kick that filth's ass Iomedae! :D
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This is the best thing I saw today :D
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WOW! Stunning art work, congratulations!
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I wrote the Erum-Hel section, so consider me very much a fan of your artwork on this! :D
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Goddess ? your goddess seam to be weak or "human"
And , I M O, the biggest mistake ... the light !
The light coming from behind the "bad king" ... In most of chevalry and medieval old painting , the light come from the divine, the "halo" arround the head ...
There, it looks like your undead is the God , and your goddess is just a little human tryng to survive ....

Anyway beiing criticized is the best proof of the interest of your work!
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Actually, this is the best critique I've ever get :) All you've said proves that I did everything right. Goddess Iomedae here is not a goddess yet, she is a human. And this wasn't an easy battle. Thank you for your interest in my work and your comment!
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Yeah, I kinda agree with FraresMalor on the portrayal of Iomedae here. As a mythic level Paladin (as she is at this point) I'd imagine she'd be radiating mythic power and at least have a halo of golden heavenly fire/light over her head. Granted she hasn't been promoted to Aroden's herald yet but she's still probably Mythic (considering Erum-Hel is a CR 20+ encounter).

Don't get me wrong as I still love this artwork. :D
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So this is the Fifth Act of Iomedae!  
"In what is now considered her fifth miraculous act, Iomedae smote Erum-Hel at the Battle of Three Sorrows (the same battle in which Tar-Baphon returned Arazni’s body to the Knights of Ozem), forcing the crippled Lord of the Morghs into hiding in the depths of Orv." 

Fantastic work! I love the way you have rendered this scene so much that I would love to see you do the rest of the Acts!
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how long did this take? : o
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now it turns into hentai? haaa
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Great piece. A Strigoï Lich, perhaps ?
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