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From my final body of work for my degree, The Desolation of Cupid.

The mythical figure once held deep and important cultural meanings that the Roman civilization used to communicate their belief system  and describe  the desired way of being.    It is these meanings that have been lost.  From a myth that described:  love and desire, betrayal and human weakness to the watered down silhouette of a cherub that we instantly recognise as our contemporary Cupid, Cupid’s transformation has been a long and destructive one.   My project concentrates on this movement from meaningful cultural text to meaningless consumable icon.

We are living in an age where reproduction is effortless and endless and our concept of “The Original” is somewhat challenged and this has informed my choice of digital format as a medium.   The Desolation of Cupid is intended to suggest to the viewer that the appropriating of cultural texts in order to satisfy our desire for the new, the exotic and the primitive is a destructive process whereby we unintentionally end up destroying the qualities we were originally attracted to.

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Amazing image.  What is are the dimensions of the final image?  Just trying to understand the scale.  Congratulations on your degree!
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When I started using Photoshop to finish my degree I had actually never used it before so I'm not sure if I did the dimensions part right.  I made the PS canvas 30 by 40 inches and the Res 300.  Do you know what size that would print out to without loosing quality?
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I am not sure.  Pretty large!
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The obvious it seems a prow from history is above the define would be a person can have his/her art and be Republican, lolj