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I didn’t like how the dragon’s head was just kinda floating there in the background before, so I’m giving it a body. I think I’m going to make it semi-transparent and made out of smoke and fire.‬
 (earlier version:
I didn’t like how the dragon’s head was just kinda floating there in the background before, so I’m giving it a body. I think I’m going to make it semi-transparent and partly obscured by smoke and fire.‬
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I'm moving to Tennessee!
I got a biologist job at an aquarium in Nashville.
The art festival went pretty well. Saturday was rainy so not that many people came. Sunday was beautiful, though, and there were tons of people.

I sold seven pieces. Though I think next time I go to an art show I'll have to lower my prices. I had no idea what to price stuff so I put my prints at $20 and framed and matted prints at $50. But at the end of Sunday I finally got a chance to walk around and one of the professional artists (I was in the Emerging Artists section, not the regular part of the fair) was selling their prints for $10.

The days were long and I was completely exhausted at the end and had to get up for work the next day, but I learned a lot and I made a little money too. Although I still have no idea how the full-time artists do it.
This weekend I will be showing at the Corn Hill Arts Festival, in the Emerging Artists section. It's my first juried show.

I think it'll go a lot better than the last arts and crafts show that I went to. First of all it's a huge annual festival, and it's in the middle of a city. Much better than a first-ever fundraiser show for a fire department in the middle of nowhere haha. So hopefully I'll sell something this time.

They're going to provide a cashier for us new artist folk, as most of us (myself included) probably do not have a tax ID. However, they didn't explain exactly how this would work, so I'm a little nervous about that. But they probably know what they're doing... Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I have a full-time job now, so preparing for this show the last week has been like a second job. Lots of matting and framing and measuring and buying supplies.
Well that was a gigantic waste of time....  
That art and craft/fundraiser show I went to was horrible. It had a good amount of vendors for the size of the place... but they must have done a HORRIBLE job advertising it to non-vendor people because there were MAYBE 20 people there, if you're lucky (and that's counting little kids)... And they just slowly trickled in and out. Almost all of the people milling around were other vendors...  And I didn't even sell one thing. Grr
I'm going to my first art show tomorrow! It's just one of those community fund raisers/arts and crafts type shows, but still. I spent all of yesterday afternoon printing stuff out. Today, I printed some more stuff out, and I'm going to mat a few of the prints as well. Hopefully I'll sell some stuff!
I got a new camera for Christmas!

I just finished uploading the decent pictures from the old one onto dA. The old one, in case anyone is curious, is a Sony Cybershot. The new one is a Canon PowerShot S5 IS.

Still getting to know the new one, though I already have a number of pictures I'm happy with and will upload soon.
It's been several months since I put anything new on here, but I finally got around to drawing something. I blame Christmas. I also want to put a painting on here, once I convert it to a digital medium. I have a few other drawings I've been working on intermittently and may finish and post eventually.

Also! I got commissioned for two pieces by my boyfriend's mom. It's not the first time I've been commissioned for art, but it's the first time that anyone has offered to pay me for it! So that's pretty awesome. She's offering $50 for each piece, or whatever I think is fair (honestly I'm not really sure, but that seems pretty good considering I'm just starting out).
Over the last few days I have found some artists who are really inspiring to me. Some of them are shimoda7, rasberry6, and RTyson. They have some really incredible, photorealistic work done mainly, or completely in pencil!

My main medium has always been pencils. However, I had thought that I'd have to use paint or digital art to get the sort of color I would like. They proved me wrong.

I also love the style of photorealism, and it is often what I strive for, even when drawing imaginary creatures. However, unless I'm in art class or being watched over by a professional artist, I rarely, if ever, take the time to get anywhere close to that. The drawings I have up here don't come anywhere near to the quality of work of the above-mentioned artists; "Study in Profiles"… is the only piece of mine that even comes close... and I did that while apprenticing with Cal Massey. (I would give you his website, except that it seems to not exist anymore...)

However, the afore-mentioned artists are inspiring me to take the time to actually try to do some high-quality work. I think that maybe I could, with a lot of time, patience, and practice, get myself up to a level similar to theirs. They've reminded me of just how much is possible.
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Things are still very much up in the air. I graduated from college a few months ago. Currently living at my mom's after going back and forth between her house and dad's...  As much as I love her, I can't stay here much longer, it's just not good for me.

I'm hoping to get an apartment with a friend in Florida, but we're not sure if and when that'll happen. Things are still figuring themselves out.

I also have no job, major future plans, or anything, which is odd for me. I guess that isn't entirely true, but nothing is set in stone, and I'm not doing much of anything at the moment :  I'm usually out doing crazy and interesting things.

But I'm getting back into art, which is really nice. As I mentioned before, I went on a bit of a hiatus from art while I was in college. I'm still feeling a bit rusty and don't have the same inspiration and drive I had back in highschool. Hopefully that'll come back. I'd like to take an art class once I get settled down somewhere, I think that'll help a lot.

I'd also like a good scanner. The camera just isn't doing justice to my drawings. I suppose I could use my mom's scanner, but I have to go through her computer then email it to myself and so forth, it takes forever.

I'd also really like some sort of picture editing/digital art program. Would be nice to fix those horizon lines on my photographs so that they're actually horizontal, lol. I also want to try my hands at digital art, I just love the medium (at least with other people's work) and how much you can do with the colors and everything.
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I'm done uploading photographs for now. I apologize to my watchers for clogging up their messages with all my pictures :P but there was a lot I wanted to put up. Updates will be a bit slower now.

I was looking through some of the storage boxes at my mom's house and in addition to finding all sorts of little treasures, I found a bunch of my old sketchbooks. They range roughly from 2001 to 2004. I was actually amazed at how good many of those drawings were, especially the later ones. In fact, I think some of them are about as good, or possibly even slightly better than the drawings I already have up here. (But then, most of the drawings I have here are a little old, and two of them are actually from around 2003 lol. They are just the drawings I happened to have on my computer.) But yes, I want to share this older work with all of you, but there is simply too much of it, so I don't think that will happen. However, it has given me inspiration and ideas that I can expand and improve upon (hurray!)  I am also currently working on a two-part, collaborative project with Visadharah that will be up here soon.

It's so nice to be feeling creative again! I was in an art funk, so-to-speak, for a good part of my time at college. This was because I was mainly focusing on science, was busy with homework and projects, and had a really hard time getting into art classes for various reasons. But now that that's over, the artistic creativity is coming back to me!

Also, if any of you want a print of any of my work, or would like to commission me for a piece, please let me know! You can send me a note here on dA or send me an email. Thanks :)
I thought it was about time for me to get me own deviantART profile. I have a bunch of art to upload, but my internet connection seems to be slow, so it may take a while.