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Pit of Sarlacc Knit Hand Puppet

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This is my submission for the Star Wars contest at :iconknitting-and-crochet:

After a few hours of debating what to make, I decided that the Pit of Sarlacc was an under appreciated subject of Return of the Jedi. I used to watch the movies alllll the time as a kid and I loved Return of the Jedi and was totally freaked out by the Pit of Sarlacc. Its completely knitted and shaped with stuffing. It has purl ridges to kinda represent some teeth and it has some larger teeth knitted on there. It has five tentacles, which are fingers on a glove. You can wiggle them around :D

The Pit of Sarlacc is available for adoption, if anyone might be interested in purchasing it.
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This is great! :)
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Brilliant idea, and well executed. A well deserved contest win. :XD:
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Thank you! Im glad you like it :D
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I loved this! It is so funny and creative xD Can't imagine how you had this idea. And you even made those collages with the movie scenes. So cool :D
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Haha thank you so much! Im thrilled you like it :D
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this, this is freaking awesome!
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That is interesting! Love how u added the background XD
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Ha! Thanks! I was in a big hurry, so I just put some pictures together. I figured for this particular subject, it would be really helpful for people to see where I was coming from on the puppet design haha.
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Well, I might as well give up on my entry now*, this is too brilliant to surpass. So original and really cool execution too!

(*: I won't actually give up on my entry :P)
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Im so glad you like it! :D
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I have to agree with ~RTakeshi this is probably one of the most unique. I never even think about the pit of Sarlacc when I think about Star Wars :XD: I just think of the characters. But I'm just estatic that someone would make this, but I also love that it's a glove so you can wiggle the tentacles. Brilliant as always my friend.
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You're very welcome ^w^
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This is my favorite submission. Simultaneously hilarious and really creative.
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Thank you :) I'm sooo glad you like it!
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