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Not here much :( New job for two months but it finishes end June so hopefully be around again! Enjoying working but also have so much less time!
2 more days of school to go. And already finding it harder to get onto DA as much. This week I had sports day, school trip to Longleat, school plays, meet next years teacher, blah blah! Kids eh! Because of my son's autism I have had to put up a full 6 week schedule so he knows what to expect! It's hard to plan 6 weeks in advance and I am just hoping that the weather doesn't keep us indoors too much.

I really like DA but like a garden I feel like it needs tending quite a bit. So I may have to take a break over the summer and get back into it with energy come September :) I get a bit overwhelmed when I see how much art people have posted that I would like to have time to look at properly. :)
today and despite my reservations I did at least manage to erase a few backgrounds and bung a new one on! :D ;)

So my daily bubbles get a new lease of life. Protective bubble run 
A red point siamese, he was born with a bent foot and a stumpy tail. But he's a sturdy chap and his foot has been straightened with a splint so now he just has the little curly tail. :D It's going to be a chaos! A ten month old and a 3 month old racing round the house. Can't wait till he can come home. :D

On the fractal front I want the other half aka technical support to investigate Bryce for me. I did ask him to check out incendia but we think it's PCs only and we're a Mac house. I do all my art related stuff on a macbook.

On the art diploma front I'd need to take a loan for the fees I guess... so I've got to think that one through. I am a lazy bum though and a course would force me to do some homework! :D
Hmm. I have asked about a art diploma at the local college but I have a sinking feeling it'll be too expensive... I like my beginners class but it's not teaching me anything new now and I need the extra pressure from a class to make me do stuff! :D So I need to keep looking.

I am such a technical layabout - my fractals could go through a lot of post production (right now I just change contrast really!) but I don't have the know how right now. I'd love to do a photoshop course. Or some sort of post production course for photography.

Enough pondering! Got to get through the summer holidays with my sprogs first! Life was easier when you could just herd them out with a promise to be back for tea! Too many cars on the roads these days.
Well I say holiday but 5 days in a tent with my kids is more like an endurance test and when the heaviest rain I have ever seen at Glastonbury fell and the mud rose... well. At least the tent didn't leak and my minute gas burner did boil for coffee. I swear camping just makes one glad to be home. And breathe. :D
See you all next week. Lets hope the rain stays off and we can enjoy the rolling fields of Worthy Farm. Well as much as you can with 2 kids in tow! :D
Though more off than on! My approach remains to slap as much Acrylic paint on paper as I can in 15 minutes and then just push it around... but my art teacher wants me to have projects to work on over a few weeks. I can't imagine being that methodical. Perhaps I just need to accept that my attention span is limited and I just do what I can! :D
But one cat is not enough..I am fur starved. So... lady from rescue charity coming to vet me tomorrow to see if I am suitable material to adopt a cat in need of a good home. I have my eye on a big boy called Boris. :D
That floored me! Other half (aka technical support) vamooses on a course and I had no internet for a bit. How quickly it has become part of our daily lives with all the amazing connections we make in the land of virtuality. :D

And I seem to have so much to catch up on! :D
OK my heart is heavy and my creativity is a bit intermittent. But the kids go back to school today ! Always a bit of a relief. June brings birthdays and Glastonbury and hopefully if I cross my fingers some sunshine might be nice. I was a 2 cat family but for now I just have my wee cat boy who is 8 months old. He is nothing like my old cat, he is bold and fearless and lean. Restarting my course on how to parent autistic kids! 99% blind panic and 1% intuition just like any parent really. Art class Wednesday and want to get some paint down on paper.

With my big white cat dying I have been distracted  - struggling to thank everyone for their faves. But every single one is appreciated.
A sad day for me. I found my big old cat this morning and he was very ill. The vet had to do the kindest thing and now he is gone. The daily landscape of my life has changed. These animals we live with get under our skin. RIP my Ollie, domestic short haired feline of indeterminate origin. Also known as scaredy cat, the Pale Raider, Tabby Tail.... Miss you my big cat.
Well part way through the kids holiday, sanity partially intact. Wallet pretty much empty. My kids ability to fleece me knows no bounds...

Enjoying fractals still and getting on better with jWildfire though lot to learn. I really want to do some painting but not much time! As long as part of my day feels creative I am OK though! :D Rain has hampered my efforts to go out with camera...
Trying out JWildfire today. Not as immediately satisfying at Mandelbulb. There's something addictive about exploring the shapes Mandelbulb creates as if one is in charge of a mini submarine stopping to choose a snapshot carefully. JWildfire seems even more random but I guess it becomes more malleable as you learn the controls..
And those pesky kids are around. This always means I have not much time to be creative! It's more damage limitation and refereeing. And lots of admiring random Minecraft creations.
Have been enjoying Fractals this week but need to watch some tutorials and get smarter. The weather has been good for taking my camera in the garden too so hopefully this weekend I will enjoy more photos. And I booked myself on a Fear of Flying course which starts today so maybe some aeroplane shots too though my hands may be shaking...
With Mandelbulb 3D today, my first attempt. Done a few renders based on the preset formulas. It's pretty amazing. But I also have to go to my art class which today is basic drawing with a stick of charcoal! So from one extreme to another. Kids keeping me up so sleep deprived but perhaps that adds a surreal edge to whatever I get up to! ;)
Yes I know we folk in the UK are fond of talking about the weather... but seriously it has been rain rain rain! Hard to rush out and grab anything with my camera in the my garden which is lush and leafy and very rainy! May be good for photographing snails and slugs I guess! :D art class tomorrow so may be get back into Acrylics. Though fast becoming fractally addicted... still eyeing mandelbulb nervously....
Downloaded Mandelbulb and slightly overwhelmed so I shall sit back and spend some time understanding it. I love the creative world - from Fractals to the simplicity of a pencil and eraser. So much can be done that still has the power to be original. It is like nature to me - every flower has the chance to be unique, every tree is a one off.
Beginner tries fractals without really knowing that much about them. Know a bit more now and my varifocal glasses have been up and down with the focusing effort! :D

Then we tried to put a fractal in a photo of one of my favourite cups. I like it :D But I needed technical support to begin with. ;)