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Now regularly updating my ArtStation account, which you can follow here:


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Won't be updating DeviantArt. Now using ArtStation.


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Check out my favorite art pieces of September!

<da:thumb id="369409711"/> Tarde de Verano by AndyGarcia666 Just One Last Chance . . . by shiny-shadows-Art My Angel is calling for me by LevanaTempest
Trapped by neverdying Still Waiting ... by dienel96
Louise by Flobelebelebobele London - Infected by Whendell Witch by Whendell Amber by Whendell Beauty by Whendell

And my FEATURED artists is: nina-Y
Look at her Amazing work!

The Hunter by nina-Y The Fool by nina-Y
Natassja and her many Demons by nina-Y The Scarlet Hour by nina-Y

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Hi there,
I'm looking for a talented young comic artists to help me!

I am the author of a popular young adult fantasy novel called 'Frost Arch' which is available exclusively through Amazon.

I am looking to turn my 400 page book into a Graphic Novel, in a similar style to 'The Walking Dead' or 'Game of Thrones'.

The graphic novel will need to be approx 200 pages, so the ability to convey many things happening through a few panels is essential.

See the novel here:

This Graphic Novel will be a large project, and take some time. Once complete, I am offering a profit share of 50% to the illustrator.
Because of this, I cannot afford to pay  a bundle 'per page'.

This Graphic Novel will be sold through Amazon's KDP select program.

I will choose the winner, and discuss price once I have seen all of the artwork.

There may be a lot of money to be made through royalties/sales of the graphic novel.

Please post what you would charge per page. (assuming graphic novel is 200 pages)

Here are some things you need to know:
First person character is an 18 year old female with long, black hair.
Novel is set in 'medieval' time. Think 'Game of thrones' style.

ANIME/MANGA artists need not apply.


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o you like ADVENTURE TIME? Well, I love it.

Mature Content

Marceline x Bubblegum Coloring-in Competition by KateBloomfield

As you can see, I kinda have a thing for Marceline the Vampire x Princess Bubblegum.

Now, I know this stencil isn't in traditional Adventure Time style. I wanted it to be a little realistic.

So, Because I am too lazy to color this in, I've devised a little competition!

Download this template and color it in any style you like!
Traditional, digital, whatever. :) Why not try watercolor? Anything goes!

Prizes will go to the best 3, and will feature in my journal!
You don't have to be a fan of Adventure Time to do this, either

FIRST PRIZE: 200 Points + Feature in Journal
SECOND PRIZE: 100 points + Feature in Journal
THIRD PRIZE: 50 points + Feature in Journal

How to enter: Simply upload your work, and comment a link to it on this JOURNAL. or comment the art.

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