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Amber Stoddard (앰버)
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ARMY/Carat/etc | 16 | hard stan

Hi I'm Amber, I stan a shit ton of groups. my bias groups are BTS and SEVENTEEN
Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag?
트로피들로 백이 가득해 (가득해, 가득해)
How you think 'bout that? How you think 'bout that?
Hater들은 벌써 학을 떼 (학을 떼)
이미 황금빛 황금빛 나의 성공
I'm so firin' firin' 성화봉송
너는 황급히 황급히 도망 숑숑
How you dare, how you dare, how you dare

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pure hetero extract by noshows

*List of K-pop fandoms I am in*
I'm a(n)
Army,Carat,Monbebe,Universe,VIP,Aghase,Aroha,Universe,Stray Kids stan, (and many others)

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I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin

Have a dance with John if you're still here :3

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(づ꘠ω꘠)づ (∩꘠ω꘠)⊃━☆゚.* 乁(꘠ω꘠)ㄏ └[꘠ω꘠]┘ ᕕ(꘠ω꘠)ᕗ
but i'm okay with it :3 also i'm getting a bts and a SVT lightstick soon :3
  • Listening to: My own sorrows
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  • Eating: chocolate
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Jasper (Gemsona)

General Info:

Gem Name: Jasper
Alias: None
Gender: N/A
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 3,875
Alliance: None
Weapon: Flail


Build/OC Body Type: Quartz
Height: 7'5
Weight: 270 lbs
Skin Tone: Orange with orange-red markings
Eye Color: yellow
Hair Color: beige
Hair Style: long, messy
Gem Placement: Right Shoulder


Overall: brash, usually a good person, happy
Abilities:Basic Gem abilities (fusion, shape shifting etc.)
Strengths: Physical strength, Creativity
Weakness: Anger Issues, dyslexic
Likes: Food, Cloudy weather,Long walks on the beach,Animals, night time
Dislikes: Rain, the Sun, spiders,insects, the GDA
Hobbies: Writing,Drawing, painting rocks
Talents: Art, Writing
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Place Of Birth: Beta Kindergarten
Friends: Lapis Lazuli (OC)
Enemies: Homeworld gems
Rivals: none
Relationships: One-sided Crush on Lapis (OC)
Interaction With Other Crystal Gems: (How Does Your OC Interact With The Other Gems?)
Voice Actor: Kimberly Brooks
Theme Song: (TBA)
Chained 2 U (Jasper Gemsona)
"I remember it like it was yesterday..."

I was walking along Beach City, many years ago, just enjoying the water. when all of a sudden, water chains had got my wrists. a male voice said from behind me: "You, Quartz. I need a bodyguard, and you look to be capable enough. come." I turned, and I saw a masculine Lapis gem. He had a look of importance. As I had been chained, I had no choice. and I protected him from Homeworld gems, sent to capture him. he treated me kindly, but did not trust me to not run away, because when I was not fighting off gems, he would cuff himself to me. despite that, I saw him as a friend, and maybe he kinda saw me as one. over the 200 years we worked together, I felt myself beginning to have feelings for him, even though he shared very little about himself. So I didn't know much about him at all, but that was okay, I was happy. then one day after 200 years, he suddenly released me, and said: Thank you very much. I appreciate what you done for me, however I no longer require your services. I do however hope we meet again someday." I was rather surprised, but I nodded anyway. all good things come to an end I guess. We shook hands, and he flew away. It was very bittersweet, as I was glad to have my hands free, but it hurt that he left. I miss him so much, sometimes I still feel the cool water against my wrists..

Sorry about the random short story without much of a prologue, but that's sorta the story around this drawing. I'll post a regular drawing of this gemsona and Include some info about her.
60's Hobi
A lot of ARMYs know a BTS 1920's AU, but what about a 60's AU? so me being the Beatlemaniac I am, I decided to make one. Here we have the cheerful Peacenik Jung Hoseok, big Beatles fanatic, absolutely loves them. I feel his fave Beatle would be Ringo. They are both really funny. also I think that this Hoseok would be inspired to be a drummer, because of ol' Rings. I don't have much of a backstory for this (I'm not a writer, but if any of you lovely armys can help me, or if you'd like to make designs for the other members before i do, you certainly can! thank you for looking at this!
Tf2 Pyro Oc
Name: Merideth Wilson

Age: 25

DoB: Feburary 15th, 1993

PoB: Vancouver, Canada

Gender: Female

Hair Color/Style: Black, short,Messy

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 5'5

Weight: 140 lbs

Ethnic background: white

Religion: Athiest

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Team: RED

Class Name: Pyro

Offensive/Defense/Support or other: Offensive

Scars or Birthmarks: Burn on left arm and left side of face

Tattoos:  small Beatles tattoo on wrist (Abbey Road silhouette)

Personality:  Obsessive,Creative,Childish, Food lover, Bright&Cheery

Disabilities: Schizophrenia,Dyslexic

Likes: Fire,Animals, Toast,Marshmallows,Pizza, the colors grey and blue, The Medic

Dislikes: Spies, Frogs,Toads,Fish,seafood,bible-thumpers, spiders

Fears:  Spiders,Rejection,Needles

Load out:  Main: Backburner Secondary: Detonator Melee: Neon annihilator

Other Items: 

Pets: An Albino bunny wearing a monocle and bow-tie named Mr.Cottontail

Family:  Mr&Mrs.Wilson (Mom&Dad)

Friends:  Everyone on her team except spy (spies suck)

Other: The hair on her mask is a cheap 2$ wig, held on by her headband
Amber K Koopa
I colored that sketch in! I hope you like it!

Mario (c) nintendo
Amber.K.Koopa (c) me


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