Which of these DC ladies you like the most?
|1775 votes
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Wonder Woman
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By kate-n-bd   |   Watch
Published: August 7, 2016
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Everyone lol, but since I get to pick one I will go with Kara. Minus WW, not really a fan of hers.  
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Technically, my fave is Cassandra Cain's Batgirl, but barring that, Catwoman is always a classic!
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 Batgirl. For me it all depends on which iteration of the character we are talking about. Especially with a character like Batgirl where there have been several different ladies who have been this character, each one bringing an interesting twist to the character. 
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BlackPolloHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a difficult choice. Wonder Woman or Batman? Wins the original Wonder Woman. The William Marston one.
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SalveteImRachelStudent General Artist
I'm a sucker for classic Harley Quinn
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Spacefriend-TProfessional Digital Artist
Definitely Wonder Woman!
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C3POwnHobbyist Writer
Black canary all the way ;)
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ZambiinoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Definitely Wonder Woman.
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Ana-ArcherHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GrayMatterTattoosProfessional Traditional Artist
Said Supergirl, because Powergirl isn't there :D
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Can we expect to see one of them soon? (Who said all? :p)
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magoomafooProfessional General Artist
Wonder Woman without a doubt!
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Poison Ivy is definitely my favourite, though I hope she gets a better movie portrayal in the upcoming years haha
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ragecndyStudent Digital Artist
I really like them all, it's crazy how many good female characters they have D:
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ShwaDoobwaArt Traditional Artist
These Harley results irritate me slightly....but, I get it. Go with the hot hand
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DarkKnightJRKStudent Traditional Artist
Ugh, why don't you ask me who my favorite child is while you at it? :O I'm especially tied up between Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).
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haha :D sorry!

(ps. pick the smartest kid! *wink*)
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