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And also a desire to speak in dated memes, apparently.…

I'm gonna stick up new stuff here. Some stuff was getting posted on Tumblr from here by others - which is fine - but I thought it would make sense if they could be reblogged from an original source.

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Dammit, I've drifted into fanart when I'm meant to be doing other stuff. And it's for Sherlock Holmes (specifically BBC!Sherlock) which needs more fanart on DA like I need a hole in the head :) But I've not done much straight-forward drawing in a while so I guess it's not wasted. And I can hopefully return to actual projects a bit refreshed now...

Right, back to the drawing board (in a very literal manner of speaking).
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A couple more bits added, one from one of my oldest favourites (Joan Aiken's Wolves books) and one from a newer obsession (Sherlock Holmes). Both are still me playing around with various combinations of paper, pint and pen. I've also realised I put a ridiculous amout of bumf in the comments section for every deviation, but I loves me some over-intellectualising of artwork.
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The latest few things I've put up here and on my blog (…) are where I'm trying to unify my... what's the word? Styles? Approaches? Anyway, unify them somewhat, which means having elements of tissue collage, found pattern, and acrylic paint. Also, expanding from using those elements mostly for doing landscapes and using them for illustration.

Yup. So my latest few uploads are experiments in this vein.
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Huzzah (but oddly also slight boo-hoo), I've finished my animation course! I've learned such a lot in the past year...

I've uploaded a couple more pencil pictures: I've got this idea about young Mrs. Coulter which I drew and of course once I'd drawn her I had to draw young Lord Asriel...

I've also drawn Maladict from PTerry's Monstrous Regiment again. I don't generally bother with non-HDM fanart, but she's so fun to draw...
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  • Watching: My classes final projects - all fantastic!
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Thought I'd upload a few recent pencil sketches because... I like 'em... So we have Mal from Monstrous Regiment (Discworld book), Lyra and Roger from Northern Lights and a adolescent Marisa Coulter from same and... oh yeah, the kids from Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic. And why not.

So effing bored with animating I could scream... but instead I think I'll have another pint of tea and get back to it :(
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No updates for a while because of two things: my animation course is winding up at the moment so I'm doing my final project and, secondly, because the Brighton Fetival is going on this weekend. My stuff (collage-ey stuff) is being shown (and I've sold a picture already, yay!). Can't see myself doing anything besides those things for the next few weeks.

I'll get back to my animation and my beer and - ooh! Thunder! How exciting - see y'all soon.
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Just finished another gruelling term of making liddle drawings appear to move (who invented animation? What were they thinking?) and have four glorious weeks off with only huge amounts of coursework and, hopefully, part-time work to occupy me. So I'm getting stuck into non-college stuff like painting that bloody Northern Lights scene that is taking forevvvvver. Looking good though :)

Uploaded a couple of old piccies for your perusal. To your left we have (gasp) some more Northern Lights fanart and a little anime-style witchy girl. So enjoy those limited offerings.

I'm also trying out colouring on the computer and it's going smashingly. Maybe I'll get something worth submitting out of it...
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Okay, I've updated the Two Towers - inspired Subtle Knife poster, which now includes Pantalaimon, and that's about it. I've also applied to be able to post videos so I can put up some of my animation work - nothing very exciting so far, just pencil tests, but getting better as the weeks go on.

I'm working on a picture which I hope won;t take as long as something like the Subtle Knife picture as I'd like to have something in my sketchbook that is truly FINISHED :).
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I've just finished my first week at Central Saint Martin's college, where I'm doing a PgDip in Character Animation. So hopefully, I'll have some line tests at least to post before long. I have things to post here, but spending 8 - 12 hours in a studio and commuting Brighton to London every day doesn't leave much time for eating and sleeping let along scanning artwork... soon, though, soon...
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Still plugging away. My Much-style painting isn;t done yet but it's improved immesuably since the last scan so I might replace that. I might even shock myself by doing some Harry Potter fanart at some point. I haven't been JKR's biggest fan, but I've decided I've been judging her a bit harshly and I really did enjoy Deathly Hallows. So watch this space.
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Well... I've just joined, and shoved a bunch of stuff that was to hand up. Hopefully I'll get some more up in the next few days. It took me a while but it was just too inspiring looking at everyone elses' beautiful work. And I'm so reticent about showing my drawings to friends and family it's nice to get them out in the virtual fresh air. Well, that's about it. Nice to be here!
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