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Tortallverse Women


Alanna, Beka, Okha, Shinkokami, Thayet, Alianne, Kel, Daine and Dovasary.

Warriors, scholars, mages, performers, spies, rulers.

I started this project with the idea of using the Disney Princess aesthetic as an irony to highlight how awesome Tamora Pierce’s heroes are. Halfway through I realised I wasn’t exactly sure WHAT I was saying anymore. Disney’s great. Tamora Pierce is great.

Though obviously constrained somewhat by the Disney aesthetic, I tried to have the dresses also reflect their wearers character a little: for more details on my choices about age and costumes etc, see their individual posts.

As for the hordes of awesome Tortallverse women I HAVEN’T depicted, they’re going to have to wait for another time. Getting nine of these done was work enough. (P.S I love Emelan-verse just as much as Tortall-verse in case there’s any doubt).

Enjoy! it took me rather longer than I’d care to admit…

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I am in agreeance with the other commenters. Most of these characters are unrecognizable. And yes, your images of them will be different then ours, but there are common things that they are described as, particularly with Thayet, that you just plain chose to ignore. Now this is by no means a bad piece, but these people were offering advice on how maybe you should take a look at the character designs and match them closer to the authors description and I feel you threw back their advice in their face like a child and said "no, my way is right!". When you post your work of fan art people will expect to be able to recognize the characters, and will point out if they do not. I don't really think any of them match their book descriptions and that they all look rather like sneering villians more then "Disney princesses"
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I replied with more civility than I was offered by the commenters. Constructive critisism and debate is welcome here; rudeness is not.
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None of them were rude. You only took it as rudeness, because you were being defensive. They werent screaming, or cussing, or calling you names, just telling you how it was.
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It's a very interesting concept, with the disney references. I really like all the details you included. Is Thayet's dress a reference to the pink tissue dress she ruined? Just curious. Anyway, I really like it!
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Thank you so much - yes, that's right, it's the dress she ruined going to the rescue of a Rider group :) (Although actually this doesn't look as bad as I imagine the dress - no mud, for one thing)

Thanks again for your comment!
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I really like the way you've drawn Aly, But other-wise I think she's the only one that has stayed true to their description - I could guess her and kel, but only kel brcause of the size and glaive
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I very much bore the characters' descriptions in mind; naturally the picture created by the description in my mind will be different to the one in yours. I'm glad you like Aly - thanks for your comment.
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Thayet isn't described as having dark skin or brown hair in fact she's described as as having creamy ivory skin, jet black hair and hazel eyes. Her face, and particularly her nose, is described as strong-boned, with even brows and a naturally red mouth.
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I know how Thayet is described - you don't think I spent days working on this, snatching time away from work without looking at what the books said :)
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Well considering you didn't portray her as the author created her I had my doubts.
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