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The Watch

Watch TV series poster. Just for pretendies.

Casting... well, I've already fangirled, uh, explained my John Simm vote on Vimes' solo picture.

I've also already mentioned before that my casting of Lenora Crichlow is as simple as: Lenora Crichlow is made of awesome.

No really strong feelings about Tom Hopper (Percival from Merlin) but other have suggested him as a fit and he certainly looks the part.

Probably Crichlow's presence suggested Sinead Keenan to me for Cheery(Nina in Being Human) to me, and I apologise to that actor for the poor photoshop beard gifted her here. I tried to giver her a alchemisty/crime scene look incidentally. She's their forensic department, after all.

Mackenzie Crook as Nobby seems a natural fit, amiright? I am fond of his slightly velure version of the uniform. Nobby is oddly foppish.

And Nick Frost for Sergent Colon... he might be a little young, but there is this: Colon needs to be completely likable, and Frost is that.

Have a scout around for all the Paul Kidby easter eggs herein if it takes your fancy.
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Yes. 100% yes.
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This is absolutely brilliant! Usually when I look at things like this, they're distant American actors I've never seen or heard of - here, however, is a perfect adaptation I can both completely relate to, and love!
I first noticed the Librarian in the back of this, then I read the thing about Paul Kidby Easter Eggs, and NOW I AM SEEING THEM EVERYWHERE ;_; They're fit in so brilliantly by your photomanipulation, for a moment you can't find any - then, suddenly, one pops out, and then another... It's a bit like ants :meow:
Well done all round!
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:D Thank you very much!
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Ha ha ha, oh that's brilliant. Good to see that you used all (?) Brits, too. If they ever make an American Discworld film or series I will cry (unless the actors are Brits and it's done by Disney or something).
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Thank you!

Yep, all Brits (apart from Irish Sinead Keenan). You're right, an American Discworld adaptation would probably be... weird.
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