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Law And Order

Here on Tumblr.

Young Vimes and Vetinari (see what I did with the title there? Pretty cunning, donchathink?).

Since these sketches are independent of each other and not part of a scene together I can claim this is Night Watch Canon. Lance-Corporal Vimes and young Master Havelock do both fight under the lilac, just... but if I remember rightly, we never do actually get to see them fighting side-by-side - Sam is out cold by the time Havelock joins the fray and in any case our perspective Vimes has left the scene by then.

It's been a while since I did any purely physical (as opposed to partly/wholly digital) art so that was fun.

Ah, paint spatter, my favourite thing, how I've missed you.
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I really like the way you've used the splatter effect for the blood, petals and dirt. It adds an extra level of movement above just the poses. :)
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Thank you! Yes, that's why I love it :)
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They are soo cute. Well done, and I realy like your stile and the way you use paint (This is watercolour, right?)
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Thanks - it's actually acrylic, but watered down enough to act like watercolour, so good call! I was trying to break away from the meticulous/heavy paint thing I tend to do with acrylic and be a bit more free and sketchy. It's still pretty un-free so I guess I need more practice (which probably means more DW characters:))
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There might have been a time when they did fight side by side even just for a brief time
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