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Comments (263)
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Tsunarmy2|Hobbyist General Artist
Will-o-the-wisp or will-o-wisp is part of the folklore in the UK, They are said to lead unsuspecting travellers into dangerous places such as swamps, bogs, Mires and off cliffs.
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Pokemonever's avatar
The Japanese have a equivalent actually, Kitsunebi or Fox-Fire. Though it isn't always created by Kitsune and I don't know all the details, it is generally associated with Yokai such as Kitsune and Bakeneko (Monster Cats)
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mariXsesshy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beutifule I am a dummy! 
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AMCodaMonkey's avatar
AMCodaMonkey|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the reflections in the water.  I just adore that effect and the contrast with the wisps and fox-girl above.  That is an awesome effect
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lordnickage's avatar
lordnickage|Hobbyist Artist
I just love this picture so much. It inspires me to keep trying, to get my work looking as cool as this!
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EmikotheRider's avatar
EmikotheRider|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what's the name of the fox kid?
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AliceTriesToDraw's avatar
AliceTriesToDraw|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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trochezjl's avatar
trochezjl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yananass's avatar
Yananass|Hobbyist General Artist
OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The light, the atmosphere, the reflect in the water, everything. I love your drawing.
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ben-hurr's avatar
Just stumbled on your stuff by chance—adorable work
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LordAnshin's avatar
You know, the will-o'-the-wisp was something that fooled travelers and led them into marshes. Looks right, considering the foliage.
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CorgFish's avatar
CorgFish|Hobbyist Digital Artist
woah ! amazing :)
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Nemo-krad's avatar
I JUST noticed the reflection, nice touch!
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thezipper10001's avatar
I Absolutely adore this fox of yours~
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Oh I am most impressed by how this looks! Job well done here overall^^
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MrDibara's avatar
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Weredraco's avatar
Not just hers, you can see the humanoid forms of the wisps in there too
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InnerBushman's avatar
Lovely. What i can see in the reflection in the water makes me see more! I really like this version of Kate Fox
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Boomblox5896's avatar
Boomblox5896|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmn, I believe that is partially Scottish Folklore (Or Irish...) Hmmn... I suppose there may also be a Japanese equivalent somewhere...
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glowworm56's avatar
So very cute!
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ChibiMooshi's avatar
ChibiMooshi|Hobbyist General Artist
I just noticed there's some crazy shit happening in the water reflection
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Caffinated-Pinecone's avatar
Caffinated-Pinecone|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the ghosts in the water's reflection
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LunaUrraca-Creations's avatar
LunaUrraca-Creations|Professional General Artist
Absolutely lovely! The kitsune girl is beautifully designed, as well as your rendition of the foxfire. Great use of color to convey a magical nighttime scene.
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Catacto|Student General Artist
So cute 
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